About ME

Oh hey there, welcome to my blog.

So a little about me… I’m an almost 30 year old Nottingham gal, trying to make it in the big smoke. After moving to London over 5 years ago it was clear I had an obsession with good food, eating out and finding cool new restaurants to hang out in. Together with an outrageous appetite, great group of friends and patient boyfriend, Dishy Delishy was born.


Working for Bookatable is a pretty sweet deal. Office job by day, blog reviewer by night. It gives me the opportunity to try some amazing places I’ve never dreamed of, and taught me a thing or two about what makes a great dining experience.

I have pretty much no shame in snapping my every mouthful, so get ready for a picture overload, and I hope you enjoy reading my mission to uncover London’s finest foodie spots.

Follow my Instagram (just below) if you’re hungry for more Dishy Delishy action. Oh, and feel free to leave me comments, I get lonely sometimes!

Love Kerry xoxo

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