Small Plates @, Aldgate

Aldgate, not the pettiest part of town it must be said. You need good reason to hang on these streets and most of the time it’s the cheap delish curry houses al la Brick Lane.

I met Rach for something slightly different. An Italian inspired restaurant behind a wine shop. A fancy wine shop. exteriorSatyrio wine shopsatyrio wine

We were led through to the back past the rows of vino heaven to a cosy, candle lit, white table cloth dining room. It was quiet and felt a bit odd but I was confident the food and vino would come up trumps.

First up, prosecco- but not in a flute- sacrilege in my book, but the wine glasses were nice enough, the thin lipped ones that felt fancy.

Prosecco and olives

The manager, Roco, sorted us right out and choose a selection of their best dishes. The chefs apparently have worked in star studded restaurants in the past so t’was quite exciting to see what they would rustle up.

Salty crusty bread with full fat butter.

Assorted Bread Basket

The creamiest, softest, milkiest burrata. So pretty.


Meats, cheese, chutney, nuts… yes, yes and yes.


Steak tartar each and every which way. Gorgeous.

Steak Tartare Selection

Then the pasta. Dreamy little parcels stuffed with mushroom and pork pieces. They were topped with creamy, rich puree and truffle shavings. Oh Em Gee. Tiny but mighty, possibly the best ravioli I’ve ever tasted.

Pork and Truffle Pasta

The wine in between each course was going down a treat. Dessert was deconstructed yummyness of brownie, caramel, chocolate and cream.


Dessert SelectionDessert Wine

Dessert wine to finish. Lush food and wine, slightly random location but all very cosy.

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