Prosecco Brunch @ The Piano Works, Farringdon

Last weekend I headed to one of my all-time fave London venues, The Piano Works for a spot of brunch, boogie and bubbles. You might remember my previous visit when they were new in town, well I loved it then and I love it more now.

I met with some old pals for a Saturday session which started at 2pm. I was early as per so got settled at our table and, before I knew it the first bottle of prosecco arrived.

The atmosphere was awesome. The place was packed. The full band including two full sized pianos, were blaring out some amazing tunes and I was feeling bloody great.


The girls joined and we ordered our brunchy dishes. All the usual suspects: eggs, avo, granola, full English with the option of adding extras, which we all took full advantage of.


By now we were a few bottles in. The team are fab – they literally wouldn’t let us go dry for a minute. Requests were scribbled down on napkins while we sipped away. This is when the signing began, I’m now not surprised their hashtag is #houseOfSong cause you just can’t hold it in.


My scrambled eggs and smoked salmon was delicious. The portion was huge, bigger than anything I’ve ever had on my bottomless adventures. Super fresh too. The Piano Works is a pretty dimly lit place so the pictures don’t really do it justice, but you get the idea. Thumbs up from the gals on the smashed avocado and perfect poachies. There were a few tasty sausages on the side too, because why not?


I was enjoying the music and laughs with the other tables so much. We wolfed down our food and we took to the dance floor with our bubbles. Bearing in mind it was still only 3pm, it was quite surreal.

Tons of requests later, we realised our 2 hour time slot was up. (gutted). so we shuffled over to the bar to carry on chit-chatting.


We ended up staying for the happy hour cocktails and more dancing until my weary bod could take no more.

I absolutely loved this brunch. The entertainment throughout was top notch, you can’t help but sing along and enjoy yourself. The food was great quality and the bottomless prosecco was incredible value. The Piano Works is top of my list for brunches with a twist and for the party party types, which let’s face it, after a few bottles of prosecco is a bit’a all of us!

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