Bottomless Brunch @ Wringer & Mangle, Dalston

We picked THE perfect weekend for girls brunch day. It was set to be a scorcher and it was Grand National day, so what better way to set us up for all day drinking and lolz than a bottomless brunch. I’d heard on the grapevine Wringer & Mangle near Bethnal Green was a contender so we booked it up.

You couldn’t get any more East London if you tried with Wringer & Mangle. I mean it’s set up in a old laundry building; hard wood tables, open bar and homely retro furnishings just works so well.


1pm arrival, Rose & Lou were late as per so we got started as soon as our wristbands were stuck. I like this idea  since they write your start time down you know exactly where you stand with bubble timeage. £15 unlimited prosecco (although I think it may have been cava!) then your brunch item.

Plant goals right there! What a day, sun streaming in from the huge front windows and back end terrace.


The place was buzzing, gangs of mates having a jolly good time in every direction.


The team at W&M are huns, we had a lush blonde gal who sorted us out and kept us topped up. The brunch menu is awesome, not only because it had all the classics but cause you can add extras to your plate- yes! Smoked salmon, avo, sausage, bacon egg…basically a build your own breaky.


I went for the smashed avo and poachies with a sneaky sausage– dirty minds stop right there. Twas delish. Lou followed suit.


Kiran got the smoked salmon and scrambled egg on sourdough WITH an extra portion of avo.


Rose decided on the ham hock hash and fried egg. Clean plates all round.


We didn’t waste any time in taking our final topped up glass outside to their awesome terrace. We nabbed a deck chair and caught some rays before heading out to London fields for some tinny action.


We loved our afternoon at Wringer & Mangle, I would without a doubt put it down as one of the prettiest and most trendy brunch spots in London. No complaints about the menu and our free flowing was definitely upheld as we tottered off slightly wobbly!

Good times, roll on summer!


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