Steak Dinner @ Jones Family Project, Shoreditch

Dinner with Mike is often a discussion of where we are going to induce our meat comas. We are always on the hunt for a good steak. I like East, it’s cool, unpretentious and close to home!

We got wind of Jones Family Project, a basement restaurant hidden away from the masses which delivers some seriously good dishes.

Haymans Old Tom

But first, the bar upstairs! The team there are really friendly and helped me pick out a fancy gin & tonic. Mike went for a whisky sour- both super potent, t’was almost Friday after all. After a bit of people watching (a mix of after work crowds and trendies who love a good cocktail) we headed down to eat.

As much as I love a bit of mood lighting it plays havoc with my pics- and god forbid I should use the flash, Mike would be mortified. This place was lush.

Jones Family Project Bar

I read somewhere that you should never order the second or third priced wines on a menu- appaz they have the highest mark up and the quality is no better. This is because they know people don’t want to look cheap ordering the house. Erm excuse me, I live on house wine and I always find it lovely. With that, a rich Portuguese number was whisked over. House obviously.

House RedDSC05498

To start we shared salt and pepper squid and tomato & cheese risotto cakes. Great little bites and nice sized portions, the pesto on the rice cakes was particularly good, but let’s face it we we’re just buying our time before the good stuff.

Salt & Pepper SquidTomato & Cheese Risotto Cakes

Mike’s sirloin was insane. Huge with a soft pink centre and beautiful charred edges. Juicy with small shards of fat giving it all the flavours. It’s only polite to have a creamy béarnaise on the side, which was smothered over post pic.

Sirloin Steak & Bearnaise sauceVenison with Swede puree

I on the other hand wanted something different. My venison was a dream and is so under rated as a meat. This kicked any steak’s ass in my view. Dark but soft and full of flavour. Beaut puree swede and cabbage was a bonus.

Truffled Potato Dauphinoise

Then we pretty much went to town on the sides. Don’t judge. When you have to decide between mac & cheese, triple cooked chips or potato dauphinoise what’s a girl to do? Not. Even. sorry.

A full tableMac n Cheese.JPG

We couldn’t turn down puds. My de-constructed lemon meringue pie was a beast- I managed half at best. So fresh.The meringue was still warm. The brownie almost defeated Mike, but he’s like a cow and has 4 stomach’s I’m sure. A chocoholics heaven.

Lemon Meringue PieChocolate Brownie with Salter Caramel

Jones Family Project is an absolute gem. We felt super welcome throughout, ate some incredible food and felt the chilled yet trendy atmosphere was on point.

Top tip; Head to the sneaky downstairs bar for drinks (pic above), skip starters and save room for dessert.

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