Bookatable Star Deal @Tom’s Kitchen, St. Catherine’s Dock

Bookatable seriously has the best deals- not biased, honest. We found a gem last week at Tom’s Kitchen on St. Catherine’s Dock. Gorgeous location, 4 of my work buds, and some tasty food made one fab night.


3 courses and prosecco for £25- whoop!


There isn’t tons of choice but the cute selection could cater for most. The girls went for the beetroot and pine nut salad. So pretty.


I usually never have soup but this sounded a little different. Caramelised celeriac with fresh sourdough bread. It was probably the best soup I’ve ever had. Second to my sisters homemade stilton and broccoli which was pretty special.


All 4 of us went for the steak. Great portion with creamy bearnaise and a little green garnish. The chips annoyingly were a little under cooked for me, prob for the best as I shouldn’t eat too many of those while I’m trying to get skinny.


Desserts were a dream. Sticky toffee for me with date ice cream (Sorry Samirah! I stole her date ice by accident as I just wanted vanilla- twas great though!)


The winter berry posset for Denice… with gorge little short breads.


and a few chocolate and peanut butter fondants.


Absolute delish dinner at Tom’s Kitchen. Obviously I had a few extra wines which bumped up the final price but the star deal was still fab value. Check it out peeps.

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