Bookatable Star Deal @ OXBO, Bankside

Christmas feasting week! Mike gets annoyed around this time of year as I keep spending all my money on food and drink (erm what else is there?) and mainly because I keep moaning I’m putting on weight- argh, but that doesn’t stop me. First stop work pals night out.

We headed to OXBO Bankside, near Southwark station for a Bookatable star deal. Star deals are basically exclusive menus which normally include a snazzy bevvie for a great price. It means you can rock a fancy restaurant without footing a hugge bill. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t say check them out and don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to get all the juicy deals. Girl got targets.

Anywayzzzz, inside looked soooo pretty and really festive.

We settled down to our glass of prosecco that you get as part of the deal and a huge bread basket. Excuse the pic- it made it onto my Instagram story and now I cant delete it! They refilled this bowl 4 times. Don’t judge. Since my pal doesn’t drink they gave her a posh lemonade instead and even let us keep the extra prosecco. Brownie points OXBO.

To start most of the girls went for the champagne marinated swordfish with pink grapefruit which looked amazing. Small but beaut. I had the guinea fowl & foie gras croquette with beetroot, pear and sweet mustard- twas perfection.


Mains were this gorgeous piece of pan fried duck with creamy chestnut mash and honey red cabbage. Wow it was soooo good. The meat was so tasty and a huge portion. We got a few sides to share.


Also on the table was the roasted sea bass. Pretty presentation but no where near as sexy as mine. Too much healthy going on here, is it Christmas week or what.

Dessert was a dream; dark chocolate terrine with caramelised popcorn and pistachios. A few of the girls choose a pear, meringue, fudge & blackberry sundae.

Lovely eve at OXBO and as far as Bookatable deals go I would totez recommend- it’s a fab restaurant and the food was great value for money. The menu is short but I loveeeed it.

Merry Christmas y’all x


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