South African @ Vivat Bucchus

All I know about South African food is that they like their meat. and red wine. Both my two fave things. I met Rach for a mid week feasting session at Vivat Bucchus to sample their finest offerings.


I’m a sucker for a Spanish rioja.


We shared some straters. Mixed olives…


Some amazing mozzarella and tomato crostinis with super thinly sliced prosciutto.


and this gorgeous sourdough with truffle mushrooms and a poachie.


On the way to the ladies I noticed they had a cheese room. A whole room dedicated to tasting and choosing your own personalised board. They have a professional on hand for any cheesey related questions. The dream, no?


I need this champagne fridge in my life.


For mains Rach went for a medium steak, it was a tasty bit of meat with bearnaise and chunky chips.


I went wild and had the ostrich steak. It was insane. It had a salty biltong crust and was cooked perfectly pink in the middle. Wow, I cant recommend this enough.


Bit of rocket and parmesan on the side.


Desserts were a rather average creme brulee with apricot and a chocolate textura. Now this was cool- hot creme anglaise was poured over the chocy bomb which imploded leaving us a delicious messy pub.


Great spot for some tasty South African inspired food. Red wine and all 3 courses went down a treat!

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