Roast chicken @ Le Coq, Highbury & Islington

When Le Coq was shortlisted for girls dins last week I was super excited. We had been once before and it was amazing but I wasn’t blogging back then so never got the chance to share the experience with the foodie world. Hurrah, chicken, pals and pics.

Quick pit stop at Four Sisters for happy hour cocktails before heading over.


Small and cosy just we like. How frikin cold has it just got by the way!


Tiny menu of a spit roast free range chicken…. erm pork…. erm… i cant really remember after that as our mind was made up. Sorry. Menu pic here is you need a full lo down. I’d not seen the girls in ages (well almost 2 weeks) so we wasted no time picking our sides then back to gossip. Job done.


Were getting used to our 1000ml of wine so ordered the red for 3. Cute tumblers.


It felt like a Sunday, free range chicken with all the trimmings. Ah it smelt goood.


We got a whole one to share which was cut into bits to pull apart.


Some char, which I had no clue what  it was but Rose was keen so on the table it went. I cant even remem what was in it and I just tried googling it and loads of random crap came up. It was like creamy leak spinach with breadcrumbs on the top. I enjoyed it either way.


A good bowl of perfect roasties, some squash and lentils and sweet pickle stuff.


Get that Northern girl her graveeyyyy.


Leftovers for Mike. Although I think I nabbed most of it for lunch the next day. Ok all of it.


We skipped dessert and went for cocktails.I had this amazing lemon sorbet with a shot of vodka and prosecco.


DIY coolness, whisky it all up and you have a grown up slushy. Tasted so good. Drunk on a Tuesday oh god.


Cute gem of a place, lush for couples, girly gatherings and delish simple food. Get your butts down there.

Fancy more chicken goodness…Bird, Meat Liquor N1 and Selfridges are a good shout!

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