Steamy Bingo Brunch @ The Candlemaker, Clapham Jct

It was that special time of the month again where our gaggle of gals got together to do what we do best. ALL DAY DRINKING. And when I say all day this bad boy began at 11am.

Design my night came up trumps again and offered us bottomless brunch for 3 full hours with some added bingo entertainment fun.

Only down side was it meant I had to venture all the way to Clapham Junction at the crack of dawn on a Saturday. All in the name of brunch. £25 for one brunch item and unlimited mimosa and 2 games of bingo hosted by Tina Turner Tea Lady. Sounds random. Read on.


We strolled into the Candlemaker pub bang on 11, it was pretty quiet. We stocked up on a quick hot drink from the tea & coffee station before the carnage began. Great idea, no waiting around. Also toast on tap.


The mimosas came in little carafes which seemed great at first but after tasting them they were pretty weak. Too much OJ guys. We threw them back all the same. Bloody Mary for Rose.


The place filled up and we ordered our grub.


Chicken and waffles with syrup.


Eggs beni- withbacon instead of ham… hmmm wasn’t sure about that one.


Eggs Florentine…and two of the tiniest pancakes with butterscotch and syrup.


Let’s just say the brunch plates were average at best. But for £5-£6 I’m not sure what we expected.


Around 12.30 the fun started. Tina made an appearance and she was hilar. Great character getting everyone chanting and singing. There were a few ironically crap prizes up for grabs during the two bingo games and the crowd were lapping up the puns. Including us. I love a heckle.


Such good fun, I can’t imagine how many more laughs we’d of had if we actually felt pissed. 5 carafes later we were still sober!


The best thing about the day was the bingo bantz and winning an oven glove. Brunch and fizz were a total let down not worth the £25 price tag peeps.

Lucky for us it was only 2pm so had the whole day to bar crawl down South, ending up rocking out to Gun n Roses at Northcote Records till the wee hours.

We had WAY more FUN at these bottomless brunches…. Flight Club, The 90s Brunch & Hard Rock Cafe 🙂

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