Wine & Nibbles @ 1901 Wine Lounge, Liv St

London Restaurant Festival still in full flow so my next stop was the gorgeous 1901 Wine Lounge in the Andaz hotel.

It was my dear friend Zoe’s birthday last week so I invited her along to join me in some belated schmoozing.


We got comfy on the velvet sofa and were whisked over some prosecco. It was organic, sugar free prosecco. Oh lordy a guilt free fizz, get me a glass. It was slightly cloudy and obviously less sweet and bubbly but tasted great all the same.


Gorge mirror table making it all look so dreamy. Ah look at Zoe’s little face. Perfect atmosphere in the wine lounge, quiet enough to chat but loud enough to drown out our cackles.


Soon after we polished off a few organic sin free prosecco’s we had some bants with the wine sommelier from Italy. He told us all about this Rosso Di Montalcino 2014 and how it’s made and what tastes, we should….er be tasting. T’was easy drinking with dark fruit flavours. Delish.


The 1901 LRF menu consists of 3 vinos and 3 small plates. Bring on the nibbles I was getting a little blurry. The Beef Bourguignon Croquettes were huge. Really crispy and full or shredded marinated beef.


Next up, butternut squash arancini. Italian rice balls to you and me. So pretty.


More wine in the form of white this time. I was having the BEST time.


Final small plate was a rather interesting octopus salad. Lovely refreshing little dish with squeaky tentacles and a sharp citrus dressing.


Our final glass was a sparkling red Lambrusco. Quite heavy it wasn’t my fave, but Zoe seemed to like it and had a glass for the road.


If you’re in the Liverpool street area and fancy classing it up head to 1901. The guys here really know their stuff and love a good story or two about the wine they serve. Stunning surroundings and delish vinos.

Find the LRF deal of 3 wines and 3 plates here.

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