Pizza n Pie @ The Stable, Whitechapel

A few weeks back I was invited down to The Stable to check out their new digs, pizza & pies. Mike was, as always, happy to tag along!

Based in Whitechaple it has that cool East London vibe down to a T.

The Stable

Low lighting, funky interior and enough cider on tap to keep Glasto going for a few years. T’was very cool.

The Stable insideThe Stable Whitechapel inside

I got started with a tasting cider board, to myself, as Mike is a party pooper and stuck to beer. Loved the size of each, just enough to give you a taste of the different types without getting too sloshed.

The Stable cider tastingThe Stable menu

Garlic bread pizza to start, loads of cheese and pretty thin so easily folded and gobbled down.

The Stable garlic bread pizza

I went for the chirpy cockney. Perfectly crispy edges and doughy in the middle, not a bad base at all. Check out those chicken slices. Tastyyyy.

The Chirpy Cockney pizza

Mike went for the Longhorn Jim, consisting of as many toppings as could possibly fit. Polished off with ease.

The Longhorn Jim PizzaChilli OilThe Stable Whitechapel LondonDSC03687

We got a steak pie to share too, cause, why the hell not. We little pigs after all. Pie was good, not as amazing as I was expecting but then I’m not a huge pie gal. The meat inside was a little mushy and not as chunky as I’d have liked. Oh well the wedges more than made up for it.

The Steak out pieThe Stable Whitechapel

Dessert was a glorious apple and ginger cheesecake. Now this was pretty special. Plus clotted cream on the side, heaven.

Apple and ginger cheesecake

With so many amazing pizza joints in London, (Franco Manca being my fave so far) it’s hard to different from the crowd. Whilst The Stable’s pizza didn’t blow me away, the chilled atmosphere, top service and the fact they have live music made it a worthy contender to grab some pie. The huge back room is perfect for hanging out with big groups of pals, I will totally be back for more cider tasting.

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