90s Brunch @ Floripa, Old St

As y’all probably know bottomless brunch is my thang- so when I heard about the 90s Brunch via Design my Night I checked in with the girls and booked it straight up. They really sold it to me, 90s tunes, glitter, dress up box, lip sync battles, food and booze. This was too much.

Annoyingly they cancelled at the last min, which is why we ended up at Flight Club. But they offered me 2 free tickets if I re-booked for the next date- sweet! My bez Haily and her bf came down to play with me & the boy for 90s fun times.


We walked in at midday sharp to a crazy filled room of nostalgia, I loved it. You grab a glass from the bar and for the first hour you get bottomless mimosas. Let’s just say we got our monies worth, although they insist on the OJ being added- boo.

We stocked up on bandanas, glitter and tattoo transfers. Mike totally embraced the 90s look.

Erm Tamagotchiiiiiiiii!


The next hour was a blur of dancing, singing, pictures and drinking. We didn’t realise you had to order your food, so we grabbed one of the gals and soon after our meat platter arrived.


I’m not sure it warranted the word platter as it was just a large wing and rib each. It was still pretty tasty though.


Then it seemed like a lifetime later our chicken burgers came out. We were so merry by this point I’d forgotten we got a second course- result. The burger was ok but the wedges were too hard. Mikes nachos were a bit lame but filled the gap.


After the food the tables were cleared away for some serious singing, dancing and air guitarring. We were in our element- even the boys!


Then it was donut time– I seriously don’t even remember this photo being taken.


5 hours flew by and before we knew it the lip sync battles were over and the curtains were opening. Such a crazy afternoon.


We spilled out into Old St for one last beer before crashing out and heading home.


This has to be one of the fun’est brunches I’ve been to, however at £35 a pop it’s not cheap for the mediocre food and hr limit of booze , but it’s defo worth it for the day party and fab atmosphere.

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