Bottomless Brunch @ Flight Club Darts, Old St

So this will probably be one of the worst foodie posts I’ve done. You know when you book something and you’re so excited you rush in and totally forget you’re a food blogger and should be taking pics of the food, to, ya’know blog about…..well that was me last weekend. Too much fun Kerry, not enough snapping.

My girls and I were booking in our standard girly day out, which obvs includes a brunch. So as the prosecco manager of the group I got to researching. After checking out my new fave site Designmynight I came across Flight Club.

Unlimited pizza, unlimited prosecco, darts, music…. do I need to go on? Oh my days this sounded so cool. Girls on board we headed over at midday sharp to begin the carnage.


We got the darts oche for a full hour. Our prosecco was bought over and the pizza started flowing. They bring boards of thin based pizzas round which you can take as many as you please. Great toppings, chicken and BBQ and the veggie ones were lush.


There was a little tiff before the day about the bottomless rule- appaz it’s just one bottle per person, which I was not happy with (although one is more than enough to get smashed on). But it all worked out even better as they plonked all 6 of our bottles on the table so we could pour ourselves.

Anne the manager was great, she even let us play in the darts oche downstairs when it was empty and finish our bubbles.


Such a great laugh, the darts was actually really good fun, despite us being kinda rubbish, it got pretty competitive.

After a little afternoon boogie with the DJ we left about 4pm on a high of Jägerbombs  into the sunshine to cause more havoc in the city.

Loved this brunch, please go you won’t regret it.


Did you see my boozy brunches at Flesh & Buns, Fish Market & Hush? No, better skip to it!

2 thoughts on “Bottomless Brunch @ Flight Club Darts, Old St

  1. Totally Jealous looks like lots of fun. Bottomless disappointment though, I think looked like one bottle wasn’t enough. Hope there was a designated driver so you could split the extra 🙂 Not enough Pizza pictures! 😦

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