Authentic Italian @ In Parma, Goodge St

Last week it felt like summer hit, properly. This means you can’t go home you must stay out and eat and drink and enjoy the balmy eves.

With that I was lucky enough to be invited down to In Parma to check out their charcuterie selection. Whoop, love a school night schmooze.

As usual I was early so grabbed a wine in a pub on Charlotte st while I waited for the boy. He said he wanted to walk from Camden as it was such a nice night. Yeh that’s the reason, not to catch Pokemon or anything- loser.

In Parma

In Parma is super sweet. Just off the main road it had cute tables outside (which were annoyingly full up) so we sat inside. Really cool rustic feel with a short but great looking menu.

Sparkling Lambrusco

We started with a traditional sparkling lambrusco which they serve in little bowls. Quirky but dangerous as it goes down way too quickly. I’m not sure I’m a fan of sparkling red, it was pretty strong but nice to try it all the same.

In Parma lambrusco bowl

The manager Christian was fab, he clearly knows his stuff, so we left the ordering to him. Secretly i knew he couldn’t go wrong as I love all the cheese and meat, and I’ve seen their Instagram.

Mixed Charcuterie

Wowzer this board was immense. Lovely salty prosciutto, salami and speck slices went down a treat.

Prosciutto, Salami & Speck

The cheese was gorge too. Buffalo mozzerella and a dark bluey spreadable ball of Culatello was delish. Although parmesan is a traditional cheese from Parma I wasn’t a fan of eating the small chunks, they were really strong. Saying that after a few proseccos and some chit chat they managed to disappear.

In Parma Prosecco

Not surprisingly we ate it all. Washed down with some more chilled prosecs. Mike looking super excited for pics as always.


Pasta time. These guys make it all in house, fresh to order so I was expecting good things. They didn’t disappoint. I read some mixed reviews on the pasta, shocking really as I thought it was incredible. It took a good 20 min to come out, but hey this ain’t no boil in a bag Bella Italia rubbish. Some people need to relax man.

Freshly cut spinach and ricotta ravioli with a butter sauce. So simple but so effective, it was bloody gorgeous.

Tortelli d’erbetta

Then a rather different dish. Slow cooked beef and veal ravioli in a rich broth. It didn’t photograph well but tasted so good. We shared both and couldn’t decide which one was better- clean bowls all round. Thank the lord for carby pasta.

Cappelletti in brodo

Then we were hit with desserts. Holy moly, if you love chocolate look away now, it will make you cry a little inside. Two slabs of chocolate salami– made with crushed biscuits and chilled. So so rich it was lush.

Chocolate salame

We couldn’t leave without having a proper Italian pud. The cheeky tiramisu came in a little pot, lots of cream and dusted with chocolate- yum.  I couldn’t taste much alcohol, which is good in my book as I’m not keen on the strong tasting ones.


In Parma is a sweet little authentic place with super tasty food. If you aren’t in a rush, happy to relax with sparkling bowls of wine and want to enjoy the real taste of Palma this spot is for you.

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