Afternoon Tea Twist @ House Restaurant, National Theatre, Southbank


Nothing better than an end of week, knock off work early, eating and drinking schmooze session. My Bookatable pal Samirah and I headed to House on the Southbank last Friday for an afternoon tea with a theatre inspired twist. A tower of carbs and a glass of fizz to ease us in to the weekend, yes please!

House afternoon tea menu

On first glance the menu did look a little odd. Lots of tenuous links to shows which had been on at the National Theatre. Cool and creative, I liked it- as long as they backed it up with delish sarnies and cakes I’d be happy.


We had the 3.30pm slot so the place wasn’t too busy. The room was a bit bland but had nice big windows overlooking the river. The better view came in the form of a peach bellini– delish. Our cake tower came straight out (a little too quick, like it had been sitting out waiting for us)

House Afternoon Tea Stand

To be honest I was a little underwhelmed. The presentation was lovely but the actual amount of food wouldn’t feed a small child- I missed lunch for this people.

House Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

Three tiny sandwiches each; hummus and green beans, ham and egg and cucumber. Blegh, all very average and tasteless. Boo.

House Afternoon Tea Pork Pie

The best part was the home made pork pie (Sweeny Todd inspired) with onion chutney. Great flaky pastry and meaty middle. This was really good and luckily Samirah doesn’t eat pork so I had the whole thing to myself.


Few English Breakfasts teas to pair with the sweet stuff…


Lovely raspberry macaron. Okish lemon layer slice. Awful excuse for a scone. This is usually my favourite bit about afternoon tea. Huge fresh warm scones with jugs of clotted cream and fresh strawberry jam. Not here, not in this ‘House’. The teeny tiny hard scone had a pea sized portion of cream and a small pot of jam to add yourself. I don’t really see the point in adding the jam but not the cream. Anyway it went down in one mouthful.

House Afternoon Tea Cakes

We finished with a morsel of gooseberry sorbet.

House Afternoon Tea Sorbet

House had a great tea theme, they have a lush restaurant and fab staff but the actual food was a let down. At £26pp i wouldn’t go back.



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