Girls Dinner @ Drake & Morgan’s, King’s Cross

One of the boys cousins has just got engaged, ah engagements, such a fun, exciting time- all the planning and organising AND celebrating to do. Mike’s fam are great (almost as good as my own ūüėČ but on this occasion we decided to keep it to just girls. Yes, dinner, wine and gossip time!

It’s always great to be asked for recommendations but I¬†always get the fear it’s not gonna be to everyone’s taste. Luckily I¬†got this pretty bang on. I’m clever like that.

As we had a mixed group and a fixed location of King’s Cross¬†I did some research and chose Drake & Morgan’s in St Panc Sq.


Huge place with a cute outdoor seating area- great for a summer pre wine, which was all ready and waiting when I arrived. I was a bit worried about the noise level, as there was 6 of us it could have been hard to chat.


We got a great table towards the back which had all the atmosphere but still super chilled. We all settled in to a few bottles of white and the rather large menu. This place has a bit of everything so a great choice when you’re not sure what people fancy. Like posh pub grub kinda stuff.


Rach (the bride to be) wasted no time in ordering some meat, cheeses and olives for the table- a girl after my own heart. Love a sharsies and people who check the menu before getting to the table, more time for chat and find out how the proposal went. **swoon**


The meat was lush and lots of it. Olives were the yummy huge fresh type with stones. Great variety of cheese although not enough oat cakes to go around really. Is it bad etiquette to just eat chunks of brie? Oh good.


These gals meant business, 3 bottles down it was time for prosecco. Yes, my bag.


Service was a little slow with the ordering but it didn’t seem to bother us. The drinks and lolz kept flowing which was the main thing.

Time for mains.


I went for a buttermilk chicken burger with a great¬†chipotle mayonnaise and huge crunchy gherkin. The chicken was a little greasy but not a bad bun in all (doesn’t compare to the one I¬†had in Bird.)


It also didn’t come with sides so being the super kind gal I¬†am I¬†got a trio of chips for the table. Parmesan, BBQ and sweet potato.


Rach went for the lobster mac n cheese, which sounded amazing. Annoyingly I¬†didn’t get her feedback but she looked happy and the pic is pretty impressive. Man I¬†love mac n cheese.


Ellen and boy’s mum both had chicken coconut curry with fluffy white rice. Looked good but I¬†imagine it wouldn’t have¬†been as authentic as you’d get in a Thai joint, but went down well all the same. Nice presso.


Jo had a great looking traditional fish n chips and Sarah went for a Halloumi burger– both thumbs up.


More wine later it was time to wrap this party up, or so we thought. Espresso Martinis were mentioned and before we knew it we all had one and the Canterbury crew had missed their train- oh well. This meant we could have dessert too.


Look how happy they were…


We all had a spoonful of a lemon tart and choc brownie, nom nom. Great sweet finish.


At about midnight we rolled out. So full and VERY merry.

We had a fab night at D&Ms, it was perfect for what we wanted- a chilled place, wine, lots of food choices, wine, not too loud and more wine.

I wouldn’t say the food was outstanding but it was good, they don’t do one thing amazing but they do lots of things well. Staff were attentive and we didn’t feel rushed. A great trendy spot I’d def return to. (The bar downstairs looked fun too)

Nice one Ells for arranging!

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