Hot Dogs & Champs @ Bubbledogs 

Wowzer Dishy Delishy has been mega neglected of late. Sowwie. If you follow my Instagram you might have notice me and the boy have bought a flat! In London town baby- Whoopie. This means I’ve had to go all grown up and sort out my life, it’s hard work this mortgage stuff.

But anyways in between the crazyness, last week I think I discovered one of the most delicious combos of all time, Bubbledogs. Their menu is literally champagne and hot dogs– bloody genius, I can’t believe it’s taken us so long to come here.

On Kiran’s recommendation the three of us headed over to Charlotte St, with a quick pit stop before at my fave bar, Simmons, to stock up on prosecco and work up an appetite.

So Bubbledogs is very cool. Walk ins only so we popped our name down and got called about half hour later. Exposed brick, wood tables and tall stools with a trendy vibe. It’s a young couple behind this awesome idea- he has a secret restaurant in the back called Kitchen Table which I’m dying to go to- with a Michelin star.

The dog menu is incredible, I wanted them all. But first, bubbles. We all went for the rosé champagne which was fairly dry and gorgeous to drink.

We decided to get three dogs, cut into thirds so we could all get to try a bit of each. All meaty hot dogs with insane toppings. So pretty.  

Mac Daddy–  Mac n cheese, crispy onions and bacon bits. Oh my days, this was literally my dream. Favourite hot dog ever. Fact.

Currywurst- Fried potatoes topped with curry sauce, not my fave but still top marks on the saucyness.

More carbs meant a side of yummy sweet potato wedges.

Fernando- chunks of chorizo, onions and peppers with a garlic aioli sauce drizzled on top. This was also amazing, sausage on sausage people.

Then came the ultimate side, tots with a gooey pot of melted cheese. Crunchy coated fluffy potato with warm rich cheese sauce- so so good.

These dogs are messy, but we still felt all sophis with our bubbles daaaahling.

It’s so great when you find somewhere cool and tasty that you don’t have to pay a wedge for. Bubbledogs gets a huge thumbs up from us.

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