Buffet Pizza Party @ Oscar & Rosie’s, Nottingham 

A few weeks back it was one (out of my two) bessies bday, so off I troddled back to Notts to do what we do best. Eat and drink. A lot. The three of us had a lush day of fun in Jo Malone getting hand massages, spritzed and perfumed to the high heavens and helping Loz pick out her special birthday scent. Along with prosecco and nibbles at Jamies Italian we were well prepped for the evening ahead.

We settled on Oscar & Rosie’s after hearing good things and them having a group buffet option it was perfect. Plus pizza is what we live for, right?

Super cute place with a shabby chic mismatch vibe. Very East London, without the hipsters.

There were about 16 of us, a mixed bag of pals and partners, we got a great long table in the middle of the restaurant. First up prosecco! Look at the cutsie glasses, they’re like Great Gatsby 20’s style, love it. The boys went for Budvar beers.

So the deal is £15 per person for unlimited pizza pie, mac & cheese and wedges– oh lordy. This is great for a big group, they bring a constant supply of pizzas of all varieties and you dig in until you can eat no more. We didn’t really look at the menu as the staff were fab at sorting us out.

We got started with a few huge garlic bread pizzas. They were the thin crispy base type, just my kinda pizza. Screw that thick doughy kind, I want proper Italiano.

Mains were bang on. Hard to get pics when there’s 15 hungry pizza fiends diving straight in, but I got a few snaps. There was a mix of meat and veggie, this one was butternut squash, chill and bacon– wowzer.

The chunky wedges did seem a little well done, but they were actually fine, nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

We had a few of the ‘Barcelona sausage party‘ which was my fave. I love chorizo and it seemed to get snapped up the fastest. There were about three other types doing the rounds including a lush chicken one on bbq base, but I was too busy chowing down to get the ol’ camera out.

And to top it off we got a few of these bad boys. Mac & cheese. Crazy good y’all.

This was my Leo Gatsby pose- don’t judge me.

The lads really did go to town, I think Steve’s effort was about 15 slices! I tried to hold back as I knew we had a night on the town ahead, but it was all sooo irresistible. Stretchy skirt was the real winner here.

Loved Oscar & Rosie’s, the staff were swift and really looked after us. Not to mention an absolute bargs. The pizza is up there with some of the best and I would defo return, although Franco Manca still has my heart in London.

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