Ladies Night @ Crab Tavern, Broadgate Circle

Ranveig was back in town, so that meant one thing. Grabbin the gals for cocktails and dins. Crab Tavern had been doing the rounds on social media and we got wind of an official ‘Ladies night’ with free cocktails until 8pm- sold!

Crab Tavern

Crab Tavern was next to Aubaine where I’d had brunch a few days before. I didn’t know Broadgate Circle was even here, now I’m hitting it up twice in one week. It has a cool after work vibe with low lights and some funky arty walls.

Crab Tavern

Our server Stuart was fab, he talked us through the menu and gave Lou some recommendations as she’s not a huge crab fan. Right, down to the booze. You can choose between three cocktails to drink during your sitting. We went for passionista’s, gin and passion fruit- delicious!

Since Lou isn’t huge on cocktails either, Stu sorted some prosecco for her- good man.

Crab Tavern cocktailsCrab TavernCrab Tavern

The menu was huge, so many tasty looking things. We started with a few sharey boards. The crab taster platter had a great selection; King crab, crispy soft shell crab, crab Caesar sub, crab tartare on toast. All sooooo good. Soft shell crab is my new fave thing.

Crab Tavern plater

Look at these super cute crab subs with all the dressing, mmmm.

Crab Tavern crab subs

Then this. The Crab Tavern Platter. This was the daddy.  Crispy soft shell crab, black pepper squid, sticky ribs, crab tartare on toast, chargrilled corn, jalapeño cornbread. I’ve literally just realised we didn’t get corn, what the!?

Crab Tavern Platter

The crab was great, as was the squid but the ribs let it down slightly, lacking any real deep flavour. But come on, this is a crab house what did I expect. The cornbread could of done with more spice, I like things hot hot.

Crab Tavern Platter

After 3 more rounds of passionista’s we changed it up with a purple coloured one, very very sweet and blackcurranty.

Crab Tavern ladies night

Time for mains. I was soooo full from the starters I tried to keep it light with a shrimp mac n cheese toastie. A little over priced at £12 but I did enjoy it, it also came with a lush tin of salty fries.

crab tavern shrimp mac n cheese toastie

Lou went for the crab & waffle , guacamole, crab mayo & chilli. This was a good looking plate and went down well with the whole table. Ranv went for the mini version, half the size half the price, great if you want to sample a few things.

crab tavern waffle

Kiran and Ranv went for the crab thermidor, mixed with Leeks, potato, carrot, spinach. Lovely presentation and smelt lush.

crab thermidor

Kiran also got a small dressed crab caesar salad -with soft poached egg and crispy anchovies.

crab tavern dressed crab caesar salad

Great looking fishy table. We all had a pick of everything and decided this was not going to be our last visit. (Plus it’s right near my crib so easy to roll home on a school night.)

Crab Tavern

Huge love for Crab Tavern . We had a great night and felt well looked after. The cocktails carried on flowing slightly after the official cut off time, we def got our money’s worth. All that for £26 a head- absolute bargs.

If you are out with your girls on a Tues I highly recommend checking this place out.


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