Smørrebrød @ Aamanns, Copenhagen

We had 12 hours in Copenhagen to soak up as much culture, sights, food and wine as physically possible (or as long as we could last before the night train back to Malmö).

Ranveig had a great itinerary and as a local with internet, she had Google maps- a life saver!

After a quick walk from the station via a coffee stop (we went hard the night before) we were at our first destination- lunch.


Smørrebrød is a traditional Danish open sandwich served on rye bread with amazing toppings. We’d read a fair few reviews on where to find the best and we settled on Aamanns Etablissment.

Aamanns copenhagen

Although quite minimal inside it felt cosy and really cool. As 2pm hit the place filled up, with a mix of locals and tourists, luckily we had booked ahead. The girls who served us were really lovely and talked us through the menu and kindly bought over a selection of schnapps to get us started. This was gonna be a longggg day.

Aamanns snapps

It’s tradition to have a shot of schnapps with your meal. They had tons of home made flavours, so we had a sniff and chose one each. I went for celery, it wasn’t great. Ranv and Lou went for apple and Kiran had a darker kind, annoyingly I don’t remember.

Aamanns blog review

Naturally you chase the schnapps with wine. 

Aamanns wine

Good god they were some strong shots- all the more for keeping us warm later.

Aamanns review

Now for the food. It all sounded amazing. A great mix of meat and fish. We all got our own and one for the table.

Aamanns smorrebord

Lou and I went for fried pork belly with apples, a sweet puree and crackling. The smell of hot pork almost had me drooling on the table, I was SO happy with my choice. The hefty slab of meat was so tasty. It doesn’t look a huge meal but was really filling.

aamanns fried pork belly

Ranv went for the pan fried fish with a lemon and herb puree and fresh green leaves.

aamanns pan fried fish

Kiran’s gave me slight food envy, the grilled rump steak with bearnaise and mushrooms. Cooked pink in the middle it tasted beaut.

aamanns grilled rump steak

We all shared the signature Danish herring with warm potatoes and dill. Great fishy flavour.

aamanns herring with warm potatoes

So much effort and precision went into each sandwich, with all the ingredients complimenting each other. Nom nom soooo good we took about a million pics. Then inhaled the food in about 2 mins.


Bottoms up, don’t forget those strong, crazy tasting shots of schnapps!


Lush, lush, lush way to spend our afternoon- this was my fave part of the day, it wasn’t too heavy and set us up for all the walking we were about to embark on. Highly suggest Aamanns if you are in search of Smørrebrød. Seriously going to try to replicate this at home.

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