Al Fresco Dins @ Dalloway Terrace, The Bloomsbury Hotel

There’s a new kid on the Holborn block. The Dalloway Terrace is soon to open it’s doors with a fancy pants menu so good not even the thought of dining al fresco could deter us.

I was invited along to The Bloomsbury Hotel to sample their dishes and share some chat. So I grabbed the boy for an impromptu dins.

We were lead out onto the beautiful terrace and snuggled down on a cutsie bench for two, with cushions and blankets galore. The place was full of candle light and fire heaters. Just look how magical this looks.


So as this place wasn’t open to the public folk at this point I cant really comment on the atmosphere, but it did leave me to snap away and not worry about people thinking I’m a giant loser. Whoop.


Cheeky prosecco for me, a nice red for Mike. He later saw a full cocktail menu and regretted his choice- don’t go rushing in boyo.

It was a fairly crisp night but the terrace did have a cover and plenty of over head lamps to keep us nice and toasty. I already had my beer jacket on obvs.

The Dalloway Terrace

A quick browse of the menu and I had my choices down. Mike went for the French onion soup. I’m not huge soup fan, but as soon as I tasted this I did a complete 180. It was so rich and full of flavour, not to mention the huge chunk of gruyère cheese on top.


I had a traditional prawn cocktail, with prawns the size of my head! Well, slight exaggeration but they were huge and smothered in a scrummy prawn Marie sauce.


Is it not dinner etiquette to get three starters? The fatty in me always says do it. We shared crispy pigs cheeks. Oh my days. Gorgeous hunks of marinated pulled pork was deep fried and served on a apple sauce bed. Lush lush lush.

Crispy Pig Cheeks10

For mains I had a lemon and thyme baby poussin. Although not as much meat as I’d hoped (what did I expect from a spring chic?) it was super tasty. The herby skin was beaut.

lemon chciken at Dalloway Terrace

No prizes for guessing what Mike went for… this sexy cut of prime fillet with béarnaise sauce. Perfectly cooked with a nice pink middle.

Fillet Steak

We shared some chunky chips, onion rings and a parmesan and rocket salad. Must always always always get my own chips, one pot is not enough.

Chips & onion ringsIMG_0774

We were both super full and were quite happy guzzling our red chatting about our next holidays, when the waiter mentioned desserts.

I couldn’t let the hot chocolate fondue just pass me by. 10/10 for the choccy oooozzzzeeee test.

Chocolate fondantIMG_0787

If we weren’t tipsy enough these defo sealed the deal. They have a hot toddy menu, I mean come on, how cool.

An Irish and French coffee finished our evening perfectly. Only trouble is you need to down them before the cream cools them off…. resulting in Mike doing the unthinkable and agreeing to a cab home. Whoop result.

Hot Toddies at Dalloway TerraceIMG_0785

Very sweet and cosy night at The Dalloway Terrace. The staff were amazingly attentive. I’m putting that down to them being genuinely lovely and not as we were the only diners.

The dishes we tried were all delish, and the romantic setting was spot on, it’s a sure fire way to get brownie points with the other half on date night.

I only image how popular this place will be in summer. Ill be back to find out, and also ask if they’ll do the pigs cheeks as a main dish! mmmmm.


I was invited as a guest by the Dalloway Terrace on behalf of Bookatable, however as always all views are my own.

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