Indian fusion @ Sindhu, On board the Ventura Cruise Ship

Wahhhooooo we were aboard the Ventura for our mini cruise to Amsterdam and Bruges, it was amazing. All courtesy of the brilliant boyo. This ship was huge. They have about 6 different restaurants, tons of bars and lots of cheese fest entertainment. Great fun.

The second night we channelled our inner Titanic (not the sinking part, the dress up part) and went for a fancy Indian dins. It wasn’t included in our food package so had to pay a £20pp surcharge. Wearing white, was this a good idea?


Sindhu was pretty swish and not your standard curry house. We brought our drinks through from the bar so got stuck right into the set 3 course menu.

Ventura sindhu

But before that, we were whisked over a hot amuse-bouche of vegetable soup. I liked the texture and chunky veg, a nice starter’y touch but nothing to rave about.

sindhu amuse-bouche

Followed by the tastiest mini popadums and dip selection. So good we asked for seconds.

sindhu popadums

I got excited by the expanding hot towels so had to take a pic.

sindhu Ventura

The first starter was marinated beef skewers. These were gorgeous, really succulent meat, charred veg and tasty swoosh of puréed mushroom.

sindhu marinated beef skewers

The lamb cakes were slightly disappointing. They were quite dry and crumbly and lacked any real flavour.

sindhu lamb cakes

Luckily as I’m super cheeky I asked to try the scallops too. You don’t ask you don’t get, and voila the chef pulled it off for us. Two lush meaty scallops each. They really didn’t need much faf at all as they tasted so fresh.

sindhu scallops

Pretty full from the starters we weren’t prepared for the feast that then came out. Mike went for the chef signature plate which consisted of three mini curries. Lamb rogan josh, korma and cod pari, all yummy.

sindhu chef signature plate

I went for the biriyani, which came out with a crazy pastry lid, it was like a pie. Apparently this keeps it hot right to the table. The chicken was really flavoursome, although it was slightly dry. I used some of Mikes korma to sauce it up. It came with a yoghurt tzatziki type dip and pickles.

sindhu biriyani

If that wasn’t enough we we shared naan, roti, dahl, steamed rice and a sag aloo/bombay potato type dish. All delicious. The dahl was so creamy. Feastin’ ell.

sindhu naan

Normally after that ridic amount of food I’d pass on dessert, but it does come with the set menu andddddd I am on holidays.

Hot chocolate fondant was on point. Warm, ooozy and rich. A light fruity sorb to finish.

sindhu chocolate fondant

Mike had a trio of sorbets which looked ok, nothing on my chocolate fest.

sindhu sorbets

A few sweeties to finish a fabulous dinner.

sindhu ventura ship

Sindhu was a lovely treat, despite our all inclusive restaurant, Saffron, being fantastic, it was a nice change of scenery and always good to have a bit of spice. Staff were sweet as always. I’d recommend it if you fancied something a little different and you’re super hungry!

sindhu ventura cruise

We headed across to Havana for more cocktails and dancing into the wee hours. They played Uptown Funk three times and by 2am we were in line for the 24hr buffet. No shame. No shame at all.

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