Birthday lunch @ New Street Grill, Liverpool St

Yaaay my birthday is finally here! Time to get dressed up and boozed up with my nearest and dearest. As it was a Saturday we had a little lie-in and some glamorous cheese on toast for breaky (remember the Dutch cheese Mike wrapped and gave to me at Ting?-ha)

I’d booked a big table at New Street Grill, next to my fave Fish Market restaurant for my family affair. They are owned by the same peeps so I knew it would be amazing.

My fam and Mike’s fam all together with bottomless prosecco- perfect. My sis also has a new fancy camera so I have her to thank for the great pics. A good cam makes so much difference!

New Street Grill brunch

You get two course for £20 and add bottomless bubbles for £15– what a barg. The menu was great, something for everyone. Eggs, pancakes, fish… followed by a full fry up, steak, pie, pasta…. it’s a lush menu put it that way.

My rents had sweetly put up some balloons and decorated my table for when we arrived, awwwww. The bubbles shortly started to flow, lots of pics and food orders taken.

New Street Grill bottomless brunch
New Street Grill

I chose the terrine with sweet chutney. It was a huge portion and came with crispy toast. It seemed home-made as it was so chunky and meaty. Good hearty starter.

New Street Grill terrine

Quite a few opted for the brunch’y option, eggs Benedict. That’s the one with the ham. Beautiful looking hollandaise and yolky porn poachies.

New Street Grill eggs benedict

Chris has a mega sweet tooth so chose the chocolate and blueberry pancakes. They looked amazing, so fluffy with a dollop of cream.

New Street Grill pancakes

Ells had the scotch egg, which I was quite envious of. I will never know how they get the dippy egg in the middle when they have to cook the outside.

New Street Grill scotch egg

A few of these super healthy looking salmon gravadlax were dotted around the table. The salmon looked perfectly pink and fresh.

New Street Grill salmon gravadlax

Time for presents! The rents pushed the boat out and got me a stunning pearl necklace. Cue shocked, crazy, excited face below** It was gorgeous, something I can keep forever and wear on the finest occasions and look like a layyydeeee. Definitely not suitable for the party which happened after this rather reserved lunch.

New Street Grill brunch
New Street Grill brunch

Time for mains. Steak was the order of the day. A huge cut of sirloin cooked medium rare- yep I’ve decided that’s how I like it now, super soft in the middle with a slightly charred edge, delicious. The bearnaise sauce was lusciously creamy and it also came with great triple cooked crunchy chips. I was in my happy place.

New Street Grill sirloin steak

After all the jumping around baby Daisy had passed out in an excitement coma, so we were left to share out her mac ‘n’ cheese. Sorry Daise, you literally snooze you lose. FYI although this place is loud it’s not a bad place for young kids as no one really bats an eyelid at additional chaos (esp after 3 glasses of fizz.)

New Street Grill mac n cheese

Ells had the lamb pie which looked delightful. Great portion. She was so far down the I never got a taste, must make more effort to work the table next time.

New Street Grill lamb pie

My mum kept with the fish theme and got salmon with a chive butter sauce and sauteed veg. It looked so pretty and got a big thumbs up.

New Street Grill salmon

More prosecco for me and fun with Daisy’s toys.

New Street Grill prosecco

Then there was cake. And when I say cake I mean a gigantic slab of gorgeously decorated, flower encrusted, iced tower with my name on, cake. La la la fun fun fun. It tasted lovelyyyy.

New Street Grill  New Street Grill group brunch

T’was a lush day at New St Grill, those guys know how to treat big groups. They’re so swift and professional and serve some bloody great food. I cant recommend it enough. Rather sozzled, we settled up and I gathered my hoards of gifts to head home for the second part of the celebrations.

Little did I know my friends were already there getting the party started. I walked in to strings of pictures, balloons and confetti galore. It was EVERYWHERE. It was manic, and that’s how it carried on for the next 9 hours.


dishy delishyimg_2486dishy delishy party

2 thoughts on “Birthday lunch @ New Street Grill, Liverpool St

  1. Looks like a great time and perfect place for a big organised lunch! Yes fab photos!! Nice one, and Happy Birthday!! x


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