Bites off the belt @ Yo! Sushi, St Pancras

My Nottingham bessie was in London town for the day (on work duties,) yay. So we had a few hours to cram in as much wine, food and chat before her train home.

After doing a bit of research I found that St Panc and Kings Cross in general don’t offer much, plus we wanted to relax, so decided the best spot was somewhere in the station. We had a quick, super fancy drinky at The German Gymnasium across the road before heading over.

Loz shares the fishy love so we grabbed a booth at Yo! Sushi. 

Yo! Sushi

The belt always entertains me- food at your fingertips. Dangerous. I want it all.

Yo! Sushi

To anyone who hasn’t seen this concept, basically, the dishes make their way round and you pick off what takes your fancy. Each coloured bowl relates to a price. You stack up your bowls at the end and take your slip to the counter to pay. You can order hot bowls from the servers, or if you can’t see a particular dish from the hugggge menu.

Yo! Sushi

I was rather keen on the booze paddle. Raise for wine. The biggest Pino’ you’ve ever seen.

Yo! Sushi

Like kids in a sweet shop we were off. We picked off some ,almon nigiri and tuna maki to start. Soy, wasabi and ginger came in the middle of the table  (although Loz did say it looked like cooked ham-d’oh). Chopsticks mandatory. Love to crack out my chopstick skills.

Yo! Sushi tuna maki

The fish was so fresh and tasty. We ordered some hot bits from the server and also some avocado maki as we couldn’t see any circulating.

Yo! Sushi avocado maki

More salmon- Nigiri, maki and sashimi. Living the fishy dream. The sashimi was particularly good. The grey plate was a little more pricey, but worth it.

Yo! Sushi salmon sashimi

Then the hot bits trickled out. Delicious duck goyoza, with hoi sin dipping sauce.

Yo! Sushi duck goyoza

We shared a salmon steamed bun with Kimchee pickles. This rookie took a bite before i took a pic, tut! So as punishment this pic is going on.

Yo! Sushi salmon bun

The bun was slightly chewy round the edges but soft in the middle, not a patch on Le Bao but the salmon was tasty and slaw was good.

Yo! Sushi

Although these were small dishes they were really filling. Another plate off the belt, Yo roll. Salmon and avocado circles of heaven.

Yo! Sushi yo roll

One of my faves, pumpkin katsu– deep fried pumpkin with a sweet sauce- yums. Along with yakisoba noodles, Asian vegetables and mild tangy sauce. I was a bit disappointed with these, I expected soba noodles to be thicker. Still a nice filler.

Yo! Sushi pumpkin katsu

We finally decided to put down our chopsticks and pile our plates for counting. Not a bad effort.

Yo! Sushi st pancras

Yo! Sushi is a great chain. It’s reely hard not to compare it to my all time fave Japanese sushi joint, Bento Ramen, you seem to get more for your money there with a wide variety of fish, sushi and noodles (but I do love the novelty belt at Yo!). The sushi is always freshly made where you can take the oppor-tuna-ty to check out before you grab.

We squeezed in one more wine for the road (or track in this case) and I wave(d) farewell to my sushi bud.

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