Thai @ Busaba, Shoreditch

I was meeting two of my old school London budz for a catch up, so we needed a chillaxing place to eat. We headed to Shoreditch for a quick drink at The Well and Bucket and on to Busaba Eathai for some serious grub.

Busaba is quite a large chain, I’d been a long long time ago and mem it being really tasty. Two things I always do; book a table (even on a Weds places can get busy) and always scour their website and Facebook page for offers, you’ll usually find something. I love being right, lo and behold they had a 25% off food promo AND a free beer when you download the app. I was all over it.

Busaba Shoreditch

Lovely decor, low lighting and an extensive menu.


My hot dates for the eve… I can’t believe I moved in to a Camden flat 5 years ago and met these two friends for life. That was a good slap of fate I tell ya.


Time for drinks to toast and obligatory prawn cracker. Rose and I quickly snapped up the free Singha beer, while Hol went for a healthy juice. Posh crackers, quite spicy- yum.

Busaba prawn crackers

Sadly the service was pretty slow. Although we were happy chatting away it did seem a while before we ordered. Word must of got round about the offer as the place was full. Anyhow, we decided on a mixture of dishes for the table to pick at.

Busaba chicken satay

Chicken satay, which came with the nutty sauce separate to dunk. Lovely large pieces of tender tasty chicken.

Busaba beef salad

Thai beef salad with cucumber, celery, mint and tons of coriander (which I steered well clear of). It said it came with a sweet chilli sauce, but I couldn’t taste much of that. There was also more beef hiding underneath, as this pics looks a bit stingey!

Busaba red curry

Songkhla red curry. Slow cooked beef, cherry tomato and a giant pepper which gave it all the spice. I loved it. The sauce went on everything. We got a standard sticky rice and a coconut flavour rice to carb us up.

Busaba pad thai

A huge portion of the classic chicken pad Thai. Great, although I do usually like a few crushed nuts on the top to give it more texture. I would be a bit disappointed if I had this as a main as it wasn’t too exciting- still tasty though.

Busaba duck

Then this beaut came out. Sliced duck breast with Chinese broccoli, smothered in a tamarind sauce. It was so sweet and delish. The duck was cooked perfectly, and there was loads to go around. The gals were equally impressed.

A great looking table, which didn’t stay pretty for long. A few glasses of house, easy drinkin red was ordered to see us through.

Busaba shoreditch

We sat for a good few hours picking away until I was too full to tube home (Uber please you sexy app). And that was that, home with a food baby.

As far as chains go I really rate Busaba. It’s great quality food at reasonable prices. The restaurants are super relaxed so you can have a good chat and the staff are friendly. We got a bargs with the app offer so check it out, they have a cool loyalty thingy too.


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