Cosy Italian @ Il Castelletto, Holborn

I have the ultimate January blues. Healthy eating, exercising, being broke and putting up with rubbish weather is all getting a bit much, so me and the boy headed for dins. That always cheers me up.

After a cheeky drink at The Hoxton Hotel and Mike showing up 40 mins late (yes I looked like I’d been stood up!) we headed to Il Castelletto in Holborn.

A super cute, proper authentic Italiano. I just love a place filled with candles.

 Il Castelletto Primativo

We were in a red mood so the restaurant manger recommended a lush Primativo to get us started. I’ve defo forgotten the concept of dry Jan by this point.

We got a selection of classic starters to share.

Il Castelletto Bruchetta

Bruchetta served on a rustic board. They had just enough toppings and loads of garlic, just how I like it.

Il Castelletto King Prawns

King prawns in white wine and more garlic. Huge and juicy, you could tell they were super fresh (although fiddly de-shelling). And more-ish, 4 were not enough they were so good.

Il Castelletto Calamari

Crispy calamari rings with an aioli dip. Deep fried goodness went down a treat.

Il Castelletto Veal with mushrooms

For mains I went a bit crazy and ordered from the specials. Pan fried veal in a sweet wine reduction. Our server gave me sip of the wine they used for the sauce so i could get an idea of what it was going to taste like. Wow, it was strong and really sweet. Let’s do it.

The presentation could of done with a little love, but you couldn’t argue with the portion. Thin slices of tender veal was covered with sliced mushrooms and the wine sauce. It was definitely different. It came with little roasties and veggies. I wasn’t wowed by the dish as after a few mouthfuls the sauce did get a little sickly.

Il Castelletto Chicken breast with tomato and cheese

Mike went for a special too. Chicken breast in a tomato sauce and smothered in melty cheese. Again, presentation needed work but the meat was tasty and it was a nice hearty boy portion. The veggies were a little dull, but at least they helped our waistlines.

Il Castelletto Zabaione

We did in fact really enjoy our mains, and cleaned our plates which left little room for pud. Our server recommended a Zabaione. When in Rome! It was a lightly whipped dessert of sweet wine, egg white and sugar. It was pretty strong and a perfect night cap.

As far as Italian restaurants go Il Castelletto is a sweet place with a decent menu. I loved the candle lit tables and friendly service. I think the prices are a little high but with a Tastecard or via Bookatable it’s great value.

Ciao for now!

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