Sushi Feast @ Sticks’n’Sushi

I have a huge sushi obsession. There’s something about raw fresh fish that totally does it for me. I’d always wanted to try out Sticks n Sushi, so suggested it to my pal Zoe last week. It was perfect as it’s kinda healthy so we didn’t break our Jan diets (much).

We headed over to the super plush Greenwich branch next to Cutty Sark DLR. The tables are the huge sharey types, where you can spy on other peoples food for sushi inspo before you order.

Sticks n Sushi

We settled in with a hot towel each and quirky filtered tap water. I felt like I was travelling first class! Loved the low lighting and quirky features of this place.

Sticks n Sushi

Our waiter Thomas was so lovely and guided us through the gigantic menu. Great for sushi beginners as it’s got tons of pics and makes it all look gorge. As usual I want everythaaaang.

So my dry Jan went out the window after I saw this tasty number on the cocktail list. A Hendricks gin shaken with pineapple and cucumber mmmm. Zo’ went for a virgin elderflower – good girl.


With so much choice we went for the best sharing set menu our stomachs could possibly handle and a few extras. It was called the MONTE CARLO FOOD and consisted of a bit of everything.

Grilled edamame beans

Grilled edamame beans to start, tossed in soy, ginger and garlic- finger lickin good. Cute basket to throw ya empty bean shells.

Edi Bites

Followed by ebi bites, deep fried prawn with chilli and lime. Wowzer these were soo good.

Sticks n Sushi

Then there was this. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful. This was a sushi dream. Maybe it was a little ambitious, but we were hungry and slightly greedy.

Ebi panko– shrimp tempura topped with avocado, shake aïoli -topped with seared salmon, Nigiri; Seared hamachi, tuna and salmon topped rice. A lot of Japanese words which won’t mean much- that’s why I love pictures.

I was blown away at the freshness. A few bits of ginger in between each piece helps cleanse your mouth for the following new flavours.

Beef tataki

Alongside was beef tataki, with smoked cheese, almonds, chives & yuzu. So tender and meaty. Seems crazy putting cheese on beef, but it worked I tell ya.


Then a cute ice box of salmon, tuna and sea bass sashimi. These were some good hunks of fish. Lashings of soy sauce on these bad boys.

Pretty as a picture. The lads next to us must of thought we were just there to photograph the food rather than eat it. Who cares…more Instagram likes please!

Maki Nigiri

With a few pieces left it was time for our ‘sticks’. All of the sticks on the menu looked fabulossoooo. As part of our set menu we got; miso marinated black codlamb chops with miso herb butter and asparagus wrapped in bacon.

Like the pigs that we are, we then added; Rib-eye beef with Japanese barbecue marinade, Panko breaded duck with wasabi caesar dressing AND Scallop wrapped in smoked bacon with miso herb butter. Anything warpped in bacon must be bloody good. And it was.

Sticks n Sushi

All were fantastic. The care and effort taken with each stick was evident. The duck, beef and black cod were my faves. The asparagus wasn’t overly exciting, still a great veggie filler.

How did I wait so long to come here?

Sticks n Sushi

With literally no room left in our tums, somehow we agreed to dessert. Only because we were assured it was small. Also it was crème brulee, my all time bestest pud. Done.

Creme Brulee

Best decision. Look how sweet these mini pots are. When they said small they meant small. A vanilla flavour and orange. Yummz. Two spoons later they were gone. Just enough to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Sticks n Sushi

They even bagged up our leftover sushi for the boy to finish when I got home.

Sticks n Sushi  Sticks n Sushi

Loved this place. It would be fab for a big group as it’s full of sharey boards and great to try a bit of everything, plus it isn’t cheap so spreads the cost.

Amazing sushi, amazing sticks and amazing staff. Please go and bring me your leftovers.

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5 thoughts on “Sushi Feast @ Sticks’n’Sushi

  1. There were leftovers?!!? I’m tossing up between being seriously impressed by their portion sizes or seriously disappointed by your appetite! Ok, just kidding, there was a lot of food there… must visit soon as everyone raves about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I know, slightly shocked at my poor effort, but the portions were huge and so filling. The leftovers went to a very happy, hungry boy 😉 I absolutely loved it, defo give it a go Connie x


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