Pre- Theatre Pizza @ Franco Manca, Cov Gdn

Happy New year y’all!

So to backtrack, in between the dull few days of Christmas and NY, the boy and I decided to book a show and hangout in the West End for the eve.

First stop was Cellar Door, a cool basement drinking den just across from the ME Hotel. It was a tiny place with table service only. They did amazing cocktails. I had one with Hendricks gin, cucumber and other really tasty stuff. Mike went for an Amaretto sour. Both faaaar too easy drinkin.

Next up, food. Sooo many options in the area but since I’ve never been to a Franco Manca (sacrilege for a pizza lover in London) we headed over to the one on Maiden Lane.

It’s walk-ins only folks, and it was packed. We popped our name down and had that cool app waity link I told you about at Flat Iron.  We were 12th, just enough time to scoot across the road to a cute bistro and perch at the bar for quick vino.

We were called up. It was time to try this famous pizza. The first thing I noticed was the price. £4.50 for a plain tom, under 7 quid for a meaty one. I kid you not, this was worth the wait, it’s cheaper than a Pizza express…from Tesco!

For drinks we got beer in a super cute own brand bottle. No logo tasted pretty good.

Do you ever do that thing where you say you’ll share but after a few bites enjoy it so much you’re scared to swap half, pretend you forgot, then remember right at the end so just do a one slice swap. Um yeah, that kinda happened with us.

I got the Gloucestershire old spot ham, with mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and wild mushrooms. It was delish. The melted cheeses were so gooey. The sour dough base was done properly in a wood  burning oven and was slightly charred round the edges. Perfect crusts. I could of done with a little more tomato sauce, but I’ll let it slide.

Mike had the tomato, cured chorizo and mozerella. Oh wow the chorizo was incredible, the oil left the rest of the pizza so tasty.

Why is it when I take him out he insists on eating pizza with a  knife and fork? Weird. Get stuck in lad. Like me.

I cant believe its took  me so long to come here. Super impressed. The pizzas were really authentic Italiano, great toppings and the bill was a joke. £20 all in. I will be back.

More could be said for the play we went off to see (The play that went wrong) it was awful. The slapstick comedy of people banging into doors quickly wore off.

We ran into the nearest pub (all bar one) for espresso martini nightcaps to console ourselves and carry on laughing at it’s terribleness.

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