Steak @ Flat Iron

So it’s still Christmas week and I’m desperately trying to catch up with pals whilst indulging in plenty of yummy food before Jan hits. 

I met Zoe and Shell, my old work budz, for a bubble fix at Simmons bar Soho. They do a serious happy hour till 8pm, bottles of prosecco for £16 – winning. 

Zoe, the babe, nipped out and put our name on the list (or iPad in this new age) for Flat Iron

They’re a cool kid joint that only take walk-ins, so you whack your name on the countdown list and sup away in a nearby bar until you get a text, then leg it back over. 

3 cheeky bottles later and after constantly refreshing where we were in the queue, we were summoned. 

I’d been here agesssss ago and it was incredible. Cute place just around the corner from Tottenham Court Rd with exposed brick walls, wooden bench tables and candles a plenty. Just my bag. 

The deal is steak for a tenner. Just steak and you get extra sides. You can’t go wrong. They use the shoulder cut of the cow which is fairly unknown but super tasty. 

Drinks in, red for me and a funky beer for Shell. Zo was still digesting the fizz so stuck to water. 

Super fun meat cleavers in place of knives, photo opps manditory.


Then it came. This beauty. A medium-rare, pre sliced, juicy peice of beef. 

For sides we all got fries and shared some creamed spinach and house greens. I got my fave steak sauce, bernaise. You get a pot of mixed leaves on the side too. 

Shell got a tomato-ey spicy sauce. 

It was all so so good. The meat was perfectly pink and tender. Spinach was really creamy, I could of had my own portion. 

It doesn’t look as huge as some steaks but it was more than enough. Love how it was pre sliced and came on a cool board. 

Stuffed and happy we somehow agreed to a dessert. The staff know how to upsell. 

We shared a salt caramel sundae. You pour your own hot chocolate and syrup in. 

Wowzer it was greaaaaaat. All smiles here, but inside I was thinking spoon war- I need more! 

Fab night with my girls. Food was spot on in a cool relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff and quick service. 

You could head to Hawksmoor or Gaucho for some of London’s finest steaks, although be prepared to spend some dolla  as they’re more of a special occasion kinda place. 

But if you’re after beef with a bit of character, quirky surroundings and decent value Flat Iron is top dog. Or cow. 

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