Lunch @ The Riding House Cafe

More Christmas eating this week (the morning after unlimited at Cucina, I was in a bad way). But hey ho, girl gotta eat. 

We got taken out by our agency to The Riding House Cafe (which I took the liberty of booking) for some relaxy smoozing and to all agree we kicked ass this year.

I’d had breakfast here before and it was crazily good, so knew the lunch menu would be a hit.

We walked over to Soho. The place was packed. Good sign.

I’d had a heavy few days on the bubbles so decided to swerve the amazing cocktail list (I deserve a medal) for this…

A yellow jersey smoothie, which was pineapple, banana, almond milk, yoghurt and vanilla. It came in a super cute milk bottle and was huge. If this doesn’t re energise my body nothing will.

Right next to it, a Christmas cranberry bellini. Damn, why was I hungover!?

Feeding time. They have my perfect menu of sharey starters for the table, so we got a few picky things.

Grilled tiger prawns with butter beans and a saffron broth. Delicious. Only 3 jumbo prawns so I had to snatch fast.

We had a veggie in the group who ordered crispy tofu with roasted pineapple and chilli. This was also fairly small but looked tasty.

My choice of salt beef croquettes with spice mayo went down well. The crunchy breadcrumbs coated the super rich shredded salty beef. Delightful, I’m glad we got two portions.

Then there was this.  Huge chunky pieces of slow roasted pork belly with cumin salt. Wow, heaven right here. The pork was soft the crackling was beautifully crispy. I will no doubt return just for this dish.

I had to explain to my work peeps about Dishy Delishy before they got stuck into the mains. I need good pictures people. Time for pass the camera…

Tim went for a breakfast option that’s so popular it features on the all day menu. Chorizo hash brown with mushrooms and poachies.

Next up winter vegetable cobbler with butternut squash and celeriac. This looked really warming, nice comfort food. (Although Id need some meat)

George overloaded on the pork after those starters, he couldn’t get enough. Roasted pork loin with mash and a baked apple filled with stuffing.

James had also had an indulgent few days so kept it healthy with a superfood and herb salad. It was topped with grilled halloumi marinated chicken.

I was toying with the lobster lasagna, sounds amazing right? But I just wasn’t sure if my tum could take the rich cheesyness. 

I decided on this beauty. Honey glazed duck breast with roasted sweet potatoes, Agen prunes and cabbage. It was incredibly tasty, the duck was so tender- mega yummo. 

Fun times at The Riding House Cafe, I’m glad I talked them into taking us, ha. Lovely modern Brit dishes although not cheapy. Cool vibe but super packed so book ahead.

This was totez better than the hamper they gave us last year – game upped! 

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