Sharing Plates & Free-Flowing @ Cucina Asellina

It’s Christmas week! Hurrah to ditching the diet and giving our livers a good bashing.

With that, I booked us in to Cucina Asellina -now closed 😦 , a super cool Italian in The ME Hotel on The Strand. Turns out we have two celebrations in the gang so it’s a ruddy good job I sorted unlimited prosecco ain’t it.

But first, drinks at Radio Bar on the roof. Lush bar, great views and sexy drinks. We got started on The Pink One, which mainly consisted of gin. A lot of gin.

Radio Bar cocktails

So the sad news, Ranveig is finally leaving us for Copenhagen- boo.

Radio Bar roof

But better news, Lou got engaged- yay!

Radio Bar

Right time for food, naturally I was starving. Cucina Asellina is super cosy with a nice relaxed vibe but still got an upmarket feel.

cucina asellina london

The deal; 3 plates each and bottomless prosecco, yes bottomless. Again. That’s 2 sessions in 3 days for me (did you check out the carnage at Fish Market last weekend?).

Bottoms up.

cucina asellina prosecco

We did a little secret Santa, which I loved. Santa knows me well, i gained a selfie stick and Disney princess pants. Happy days.

Presents and lolz later we ordered and our feast started to emerge from the open kitchen. Sharing tapas is my dream, mainly because these are all skinny bitches and I get way more food than’s fair. Ha.

Great ordering from the group. This is gonna go fast so try and keep up…

Duck ragu with parmesan. Wow, small but so rich and good meaty chunks.

Duck ragu with parmesan

Pizzetta aubergine, zucchini (courgette to the non US folk) buffalo ricotta and mint

Pizzetta aubergine

Salmon tartar frisee salad, pomegranate, quail egg and lemon dressing

Salmon tartar

A double portion of this amazing lobster ravioli with cherry toms and fresh basil

lobster ravioli

Pizzetta prosciutto with rocket and black truffle

Pizzetta prosciutto

A healthy bit of green with walnuts, pears and honey dressing  

Black truffle risotto, which was one of my faves

Black truffle risotto

Veal meatballs with tom and parmesan

Veal meatballs

A cheeky cheese selection

cucina asellina cheese

Bread n sticks with a nice personalised board

Another tasty fave, squid ink tagliatelle with crab and artichokes. Looks crazy but tasted amazing.

squid ink tagliatelle

Finally double whammy of honey glazed rack of lamb and rosemary potatoes. Perfectly pink and tender chops.

honey glazed rack of lamb

Annoyingly the pan fried stone bass came out really late so I didn’t snap a pic. That was the only let down of the night. I think they just forgot about it. Oh well, we were more than stuffed with what we had.

This deal was fab. The prosecco flowed for at least two hours, and obviously we got our pennies worth.

The dishes were fantastic. Nice sharey portions and great in a small group as you get tons of food. Highly recommend Cucina Asellina, keep an out for their deals. You obvs know where 😉

We popped next door to STK for a nightcap and more drunken sillyness. Best pals eveerrrrr.

 STKradio rooftop london

Merry Christmas! xxx

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