Le Bao & The orange Buffalo @ Winterville, Victoria Park 

After battling the crowds last year at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park I’d decided it was time to branch out and enjoy some Christmassy cheer elsewhere.

Cue Winterville in Viccy Park just a few stops from home- perfect.


It was a Weds night so wasn’t particularly busy, which was great for scooting round and snapping away while waiting for le boy.

A few festive stalls and LOTS of rides.

London Winterville  

Winterville has quite a cool trendy twist to your classic wonderland. We stocked up on drinks at Bar Humbug before heading over to Plonk Golf.

Bar Humbug winterville  

Let battle commence. At stake, dinner. This was serious business. Plonks theme? A Hawaiian Christmas it seemed.

Plonk golf  plonk golf winterville

A fun course that was neck and neck all the way round. Mike pipped me to the post on the last volcano hole- damn. Better get my pennies out.

My fave part of the eve, what to eat. You’re def not short of choices here.


The orange buffalo winterville
Le bao truck winterville  Le Bao buns


We settled on woof woof chicken wings with an added viper wing for jokes from the guys at The Orange Buffalo.

Then some of the famous Baos from Le Bao Truck.

We took our food into the Meantime bar and Mike got the drinks in while I guarded the food- crazy boy leaving me alone with this gorge lot.

winterville food

Spicy Korean chicken and pulled pork with cucumber and peanuts on a cushiony soft bao bun. They were heavenly.

le bao truck

Stupidly we thought the viper wing wouldn’t be that hot. Typically the first Mike picked up was burning’ell- so I tried some to double check that was the one. It was. My god it was.

The rest were lush- saucy hot crispy buffalo wings. With dippy blue cheese sauce. Perf.

The orange buffalo wings

A portion of curly fries for good measure.

I think boy was enjoying his viper wing.

viper wing orange buffalo
winterville mean time bar

This is a cool Christmas hang out. Gutted we didn’t realise sooner that Home Alone was showing in the Back Yard cinema- boo. Next year Winterville!

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