A Thai Birthday Dinner @ The Old Siam, Hertford

Ellen’s birthday. Yes, I can crack out my spangly jacket again and double yes we are dining at the beaut Thai we had last year.

First things first, we all headed over to the local charity gathering to sing a few carols and get in the festive mood. One very large red wine later and we were in The Old Siam ready for feasting.

Hertford dinner

It’s a sweet traditional place, which gets very busy, just in Herford town centre. We managed to squeeze in at 6pm and wasted no time in getting some starters.

The old siam Hertford

We got a few mixed platters to share. The prawn toast and and nutty chicken satay were particularly tasty.

mixed platter The old siam

The CPs love a good sharing table which is great for me, i get to try a bit of everything. First up, a Thai red chicken curry. So so creamy with just the right amount of heat.

Thai Red Curry The old siam

A chicken pad Thai and gigantic bowl of steamed rice.

Chicken pad Thai The old siam

A great choice made by me, sizzling honey duck. It was super sweet with a gorgeous crispy skin and chunky pink meat.

Sizzling honey duck The old siam

More chicken, this time is a nutty sauce with red chilli and a swirl of coconut cream- delish.

Nutty Chicken The old siam

Another pad Thai with big juicy prawns to share. They love the crushed nuts on the side here!

Prawn pad thai The old siam

A Thai green curry was our final main. this was fairly small for the price, but tasted amazing. The creamy spicy sauce was a great texture and it was kept warm on its own heater, very cute.

Green curry The old siam

I didn’t get a pic of baby Daisy loving here own gourmet plate of satay chicken, quite the sight.

It was a lush eve at The Old Siam, although it was quite a quick turn around, the dishes are lovely and are not bad value (always the wine which bumps up the bill!) Naughty boozers.

So we wrapped back up and headed over to the house for more fizz and presents. More birthdays please.

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