Sexy Sausage @ Oaks Nottingham 

I’d not seen my Notts Bessies for a while so planned a quick trip up last weekend. I was a little out of touch with the new openings so did a little research. I knew  the gals were happy with my amazing foodie judgement.

With a little help from The Nottingham Bucket List I settled on Oaks. They did a fab review and it seemed to have everything we were after; decent food, cocktails and music in a relaxed joint in town. Done.

  We booked for 8pm and the place was packed. The open kitchen was the main focal point and dishes being served up looked gorge. The DJ was a trendy touch and made the buzzing atmosphere. We got a cute corner table over looking the restaurant.

Drinks. We went for a lady simplicity and Cuban affair between us. Deliciously fresh and potent. They went down far too easily.
 We’d all studied the menu before we even arrived so ordering was a breeze, more time for gossiping. As we were on a girls night out we didn’t pig out like we usually would, so kept it light with a main each and few sides.

Oaks source their meat locally, and cook it all on a bespoke open grill – sounds pretty nice huh? So as sausage lovers (insert obvious pun) me and Nat choose two from the extensive list to share.

Beef with gruyere cheese, onion and red wine. And wild bore, purple brocolli and smoked mozzerella.

Look at the ridiculous size of these beasts. We ordered well.

The cheese was oozing out of the wild bore dog with chunky bits of brocolli inside the meat. It was charred to perfection.

You could taste rich, red wine in the beef dog, and more yummy cheese intertwined. The bun was soft but slightly toasted inside. Man they were good.

Loz and Haily had never encountered soft shell crab, so without much persuasion from me both went for it on a burger.

Two crisp tempura crabs were layered with hot wasabi sauce on a fluffy bun. Thumbs up from both gals.
  We shared some skin on chips and ‘naked’ slaw. I’m all for a dry slaw but felt this could of done with a little sauce to cream it up.

All sauced up I was ready to go. Sausage of dreams. Empty plates all round.

Sneaky loo pic, as they were quite cool. Fridge doors.

The manager Marcos was super friendly and treated us to a cheeky prosecco for the road. We must have great bantz.

We could have sat in Oaks all evening, but with many a new cocktail bar to explore since I was last here, we tore ourselves away.

I was really impressed with the quality of food and great value. We really enjoyed the  cool vibe they’ve got going on and will definitely be back for more sexy sausages!

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