Dinner Trays @ Meat Liquor N1

Last night me and the boy headed to the new Meat Liquor in Highbury (N1) to check out the new digs and fill our faces.

Meat Liquor’s domination started a while back just off Oxford St. They’ve since got tons of other restaurants inc Meat Mission & Meat Market- all super cool.

meat liquor n1 This place is a converted car garage just off Upper St. They’ve done a great job of revamping the place in line with their down n dirty theme. 

meat liquor highbury I had a wine at the bar while I waited for Mike. 

wine meat liquor n1  
 Need the bathroom? It’s easily signposted. Wonder how Maccy’s feel about this? 

WC meat liquor N1 We got a few pints of ice cold Budvar in and decided on our feast.

The menu isn’t huge so didn’t take long. Burgers, chicken burgers, sides, rabbit food and puds.
budvar meat liquor This was it. Oh my gawwwwd. A cheeseburger for me, double dead hippy burger for mike.

 We shared these amazing spicy buffalo wings with blue cheese dip. They fell right off the bone, no fannying around. Lush.

 We got a side of dead hippy fries. The hippy sauce was a bit like a mild creamy burger sauce. The fried onions I wasn’t so sure on, bit weird and made the chips a little soggy. Trying to be all crazy- I’ll stick to reg fries next time. 

dead hippy fries meatb liquor Now back to the burgers. They are so juicy when you bite in the juice runs everywhere. Thankfully there’s a fat kitchen roll to hand. 

The patties were perfectly pink in the middle and it was smothered in melty cheese. Brioche was on point. 

   What a gorgeous dirty mess. Heaven.

  The Meat Liquor guys know their shiz. Hands down the best burgers in London. Great value and chilling atmosphere. Boy loves the hard rock tunes and I just love to pig out. 

Lazily we Uber’d home at 8.30 and slipped into a Meat coma. Maybe that could be the name of their next opening? 

I was invited by Budvar (shout out to my boy Gary) however as always, all views are my own. 

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