Dinner on the roof @ Forest Restaurant, Selfridge’s

So we’re continuing with Ranveig’s London bucket list, shopping in Selfridge’s and a cool Londony style dins. Easy.

After a quick Whatsapp chat, me and Kiran decided on the new pop up, Forest Restaurant & Bar on the Roof

As I stepped out of Bond St tube I was slapped in the face with Christmas. Boots had a snow machine. I’m not sure you can see from the pic, it was pretty cool.

Standard, I was the first to arrive, with Kiran shortly behind, so we propped up a bar in the food court. Love a cold rosè (with a side smell of fish).

Right. Gang had all arrived let’s take the ‘Christmas lift’ to the roof. Pushing the button was too much effort, luckily someone had a job to do it. Fancy.

The entrance is absolutely gorgeous. A ridiculous amount of fairy lights fill the hallway leading to the food and booze. Instagram dream!

We made a bee line for the outdoor terrace and luckily bagged a cute cabin to chillax in before our table was ready. 

I’d had my eye on the hot cocktail list all day. My cheeky monkey choctail was incredible- a hot choc with banana liquor and fresh whipped cream. So so good it lasted all of 2 mins. Kiran had a gorge gingerbread choctail which smelt amazing.

  Just look at this cool cabin, fully equipped with furs, blankets, sheepskin rugs AND a mini heater. You know you wanna go.

We headed inside for the main event. The place is beaut, wooden tables, open plan kitchen and low lit lamps. 

A few bottles of ‘Forest Red‘, and we got to ordering. I was literally like a giddy kid.

Despite all the starters sounding lush, we narrowed it down to three to share. 

Juniper gin cured salmon with pickled cucumber. So fresh and light, it went down really well with the group.

Dorset crab rarebit. A posh cheese on toast with a twist. It came topped with Shredded crab, then drenched in bubbly cheese. Cute side of avo. 

Finally, Baked Cornish Brie, truffle honey and ancient loaf. The melty oozy cheese was a great sharer and the truffle honey was the moreish’est thing ever. Man it was sexy.

  Main game was strong. Rose went for the Roast chicken served with truffle green beans and new forest mushrooms. Moist chic and creamy naughty sauce looked delish.

Lou went for her fave, a huge burger with cheese and apple slaw. This girl literally has hollow legs. 

A good thumbs up, but as far as burgers go it didn’t seem up to my standards for the price. Chips extra *tut.

 I opted for the best sounding winter warmer- Duck shepherds pie. Oh yeh, large chunks of duck breast, swimming in flavoursome gravy with diced squash and sweet potato. Topped with the prettiest smoothest buttery mash, piped to perfection.

Great presentation and piping hot. So happy with my choice, I was stuffed. 

  Ranveig and Kiran had the griddled sea bass served with roasted ceps and sea purslane. It did seem pricey, but wowzer did it look the part. Great feedback from the girls on taste and toppings. 

Some token sides. An average overpriced bowl of cabbage contrasted with some rather special sweet potato tartiflatte. I’d reccomend a portion of this, a mini pot of creamy comfort.

 After a few more carafes of red wrapped in our blankets, reluctantly we settled up.

In short, the beautifully fresh simple dishes, cosy surroundings and fantastic friendly service from start to finish made this one of the best evenings. 

As the last ones to leave, we practically had a lock in at Selfridge’s- bloody cool. #LifeGoals.

Forest on the Roof is open until early next year. Wait for payday and book your table here.

*Photo credit to Kiran- girl can shoot. 


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