Street Food @ Southbank Centre Food Market

It’s Friday, It’s payday and It’s lunchtime- whoopie, let’s go mad. Luckily for me, my office is just around the corner from one of London’s best foodie spots- the Southbank Centre food market.

So together with my fellow Bookatablers, we scooted round to have a ganders at what they had on offer.

southbank centre food market

Thankfully, the rain earlier in the day discouraged the crowds so we had a lot more space to go to and from each stall.

So much choice, I managed a few pics to give you the general feel, but I was so ravenous I jumped in the Spit & Roast queue for my all time fave.  Keep’a’scrollin.

We all dispersed and met in the usual spot at the top of Southbank to chow down.

the frenchie stall southbank market hog roast southbank market
curry at southbank market  
my pie london southbank food market  spit & roast southbank market

I went for the buttermilk fried chicken, with spicy slaw and hot sauce, on a brioche bun (£6). It was insanely good. The chicken was perfectly crisp, with the hot sauce giving it a kick. I love a brioche bun more than life itself.

Rima decided on pie and mash from the super cute ice-cream converted van. Although on handing it over she realised it had beef gravy, which she can’t eat, so had to hand it back. Sad times for both Rima and pie man. So she followed suit with the fried chic burger.

spit & roast buttermilk chicken

Tim made a beeline for the Frenchie stall. No surprising these guys are French and are great at what they do. Behold the duck confit burger, served with deep-fried duck scratchings, truffle honey and a choice of blue or cheddar cheese. Oh my god I just had a heart attack. I’ve had this once before and It’s something special.

duck confit burger southbank market

Chris brought along his poor little lunch box, but couldn’t resist the skin on fries with truffle mayo from the Frenchie’s.

fries with truffle mayo southbank market

Lili went for a healthier option, a korrito Korean-style chilli chicken salad box. Looked yummy.

korrito Korean-style chilli chicken

It was just mild enough to sit out. There’s lots of tables on the second level of the Southbank centre with cool views of the river and London Eye.

southbank centre food market

I needed a sweet treat to get me through to beer o’clock (yes that’s a real thing in our office) so headed to the cake stalls.

cakes at southbank centre food market  

I chose a red-velvet beauty, with a tower of cream cheese frosting. I’m shocked it lasted long enough for a picture.

Fab little market that runs Friday- Sunday. Perfect stop off if you’re doing some sightseeing and fancy some street food.

3 thoughts on “Street Food @ Southbank Centre Food Market

  1. I love that food market!! looks like they’ve got some great things happening down there atm, this has made me want to pay it a vist! nice one 🙂

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