Sushi @ Bento Ramen, Camden Town

There’s not many places I go back to time after time. Especially in London, why repeat the same dinner when there’s sooo many other places to explore (and photograph)? Well, not only do Bento do amazing sushi, it’s also got a nostalgic pull from years of meeting up with certain old friends.

After a few pre-drinks in Camden Town we walked over to Bento Cafe. It was unusually busy with people queuing for a table- crazy, it’s only Thursday people. So, with our local knowledge we strolled straight in to their sister restaurant 2 doors up, Bento Ramen.

Cute authentic looking place, and although the decor borderlines on cheese, it gets you in the mood for feastin’.

Bento Ramen house wine

Sushi and Japanese is the best. I love a sharey dinner, picking at bits over a few hours with lots of wine. Ranveig ordered the wine, and on a reflex, got some edamame to get us started. Good girl, salty, healthy goodness.

We always think we’ve ordered too much, it always sounds a lot but once the dishes start trickling out I never regret a thing.

First up, Future Shock. Deep fried tofu tossed with peppercorn salt and chilli, and crispy calamari with MORE fresh chilli- love these girls, as their spice addiction is as unhealthy as mine.

Bento Ramen Edamame

Bento Ramen specialise in dumplings so we got a portion of the mushroom and some prawn delights.

bento ramen mushroom dumplings

They look a bit weird, but taste incredible. Steamed cases full of fresh diced mushroom. The prawn ones were even better, with huge chunky prawnies inside. Obviously they tasted better dunked in more hot sauce.

Bento Ramen prawn dumplings

Following those, Rina outdid herself and picked the mother of all sushi. The tempura spicy tuna with cucumber & spicy mayo. Chilli game be STRONG. They came with an amazing salty crusty outer layer that I’ve never seen before. Wowzer this was good.

Bento Ramen Tempura spicy tuna

I pretty much grew up with chopsticks most Friday nights, and although I do a look a bit Chinesey, there’s sadly no Asian origin here. My parents just loved a cheeky takeaway, making me a pro as you can see.

Keep it comin’. Next, tuna sashimi with truffle dressing. I wish there was more of this, so fresh and tasty. Rina later resorted to getting  a spoon on that sauce. What a gal.

Bento Ramen Tuna carpaccio

To pad out the meal we got my fave, veggie yaki udon noodles.

Bento Ramen vegetarian yaki udon

The grand finale was this super special salmon teriyaki. Maybe slightly overdone, but the sweet sauce was spot on. Great portion for three little pigs.

Bento Ramen salmon teriyaki
Bento Ramen Camden Town

Bento never fails to impress us. The whole bill (with wine) came to less than £30 each, and you def leave with a full tum and fuzzy wino head. Despite being tons of times, as the menu is huge, we still managed to try some cool new dishes.

Love this place. Miso happy*

*pun credit to Ranveig

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