Bottomless prosecco @ Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen 

I’ve never known a girl to stretch out birthday celebrations quite like Chizzie – but this is why we love her. Why else would I agree to unlimited prosecco on a Monday? Yes, Monday. This is hardcore even by my standards. But we must toast the birthday girl, so we headed on down to Jerusalem Bar in Soho.

It’s a cool basement bar, so keep your eyes peeled for the stairwell or you’ll easily miss it. Chiz spied an all you can drink prosecco deal on their website – it had our names on it. Only on Mon & Tues, not surprising the place was pretty dead. Oh well, we bring our own party.

Huge place with a cool Israeli theme. We didn’t find it difficult to get a table- dead as a dodo. At least they’ll be quick with the refills. Silver lining.

So the deal is, you must order a main and your prosecco is poured during eating, and not 1 minute before. Strange, as every bottomless I’ve done they pour once you’ve ordered, bit tight if you ask me. But the plan was, eat slow, drink fast. Classy.

The menu was pretty standard, pub grub, a few salads, sides and sharers. Let’s not pretend we didn’t already know what we were having at 4pm that afternoon. Ordering done.

Yay we finally got our drinks.

We made extra special friends with Rimi our server, keep it comin’ dude.

So after a rather heavy weekend of eating I decided to be semi-healthy and go for the chicken, bacon & avocado salad. It was pretty average and something i could of knocked up with my eyes closed, but it did the job of lining my stomach whilst downing the bubbles. The pitta was a little dry so I got some hummus on the side (which i had to pay for, cheeky sods).

Lou went for the halloumi wrap, with pesto, tzaziki and fries. It looked pretty nice, and good portion. Her little tum could barely finish.

Zoe had a cheeseburger with fries and slaw– it was hugggge.

And Chiz went for her signiture rack of BBQ ribs, fries and slaw. No Bodeans, but they looked pretty decent, nice and saucy- although feedback later revealed they lacked meat. You need meaty ribs, come on people.

6 glasses each later, we were super merry but managed to get a cute shot of us all, took by Remi- he got on a stool bless him (great for hiding that double chin of mine!)

4 spoons for the chocolate cake dessert….and out came the candles. You’d think she’d be bored of this, look at her face- obvs not.

Whoop birthday cake sharesies.

A final snap for the road in their cool photo frame…cheeeeese. We’re hiding those drunk eyes pretty well. Monday’s are so the new Saturday’s. I’ll remember that while I’m nursing my head in the office tomo.

Great night at Jerusalem (mostly down to the company). The food isn’t anything special but the £10 prosecco deal is something to check out if you’re catching up with mates early on in the week (Bubble bargs!) Although if youre in the thick of Soho I can list plenty more other places to dine… Flat Iron, Big Easy or Chicken Shop, all walking distance.

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