Lobster Fest @ Belgo Centraal

So if you want cheap lobster there’s only two places you can go (in my book anyway), the famous Burger & Lobster, or, the lesser known, Belgo. With their Lobsterfest menu happening, me and Rach (loving any kind of fest), wasted no time in scooting down to sample their fishy delights.

They have a few restaurants scrawled around town. We chose Belgo ‘Centraal’ in Cov gdn. We were lead down to the basement, where all good drinking and eating dens are located. Mood lighting, I like it.

Famous for their beer and ale, naturally we got the pints in.

Belgo beers

Not ones to shy away from starters, we got 3 plates to share. Yes, we are piggies. Crispy duck croquettes- shredded duck inside crispy batter with a fruity chutney on the side, mmmm.

Belgo crispy duck croquettes

Portion of classic chicken wings with extra hot sauce, really juicy and left a spicy kick.

And lighly battered calamari. Not the best I’ve tasted but still cheap and cheerful. 

Cocktail time…Mai Tai & Mojito’s all round. Caution to the wind on a school night. Craaazaaaay.

As most people who know me will vouch, I love a burger, and in all my burger munching days I’ve never come across a surf burger.

It sounds just as incredible as it was, an Aberdeen Angus patty topped with huge chunks of fresh lobster, with a prawn Marie sauce. This is living people. Terrible pic, but look at the size of it! Taking surf and turf to a whole new level.

Rach’s eyes lit up when she saw the whole dressed lobster on the menu, and without hesitation bagsied it (gutted I have that stupid ‘can’t order the same dish’ rule). It came steam baked with garlic butter and fresh herbs. Wowzer, it was impressive and smelt amazing. Loads of chunky lobster meat and super saucy. Nom nom.

Bib on, looking cool, I was good to go! This is gonna get messy.

We weren’t finished there, oh no. Bring on the double cooked frites, fresh buttered spinach and a mixed side salad for good measure.

Rach looking pretty please with her order.


As if we weren’t tipsy enough, our charming waiter said we MUST try the Belgo schnapps paddle. So we did, and they were yummy and pretty potent.

For puds, they have a cool build your own thing going on. Waffle or crêpe, then load on the sauce and ice creams. I had strawberry and clotted cream ice cream with white chocolate sauce. What dreams are made of.

Rach went for chocolate and salted caramel ice cream. Ridiculous portions.

Fab night in Belgo, it’s got a cool underground vibe with tons of beers/ales/cocktails and schnapps to try. This would be a cool date night or for a group of pals. We left absolutely stuffed- Lobster fest rules!

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