Curry night @ Spice Inn, Stratford

Those Fridays when you wanna go out, but not out out, call for beer and curry. 

Since the boy is still immobile and hobbling on crutches, we decided to keep it local by giving The Spice Inn up the road a go.  

Great place just off the High Street, buzzing with East Londoners. White linen table cloths, bright lights and the waft of spice in the air – everything you want. 

Cue giant bottles of Cobra. Standard #Lads. Although I got a girly small glass…

Mike loves featuring on the blog so had to add this of him looking ever so happy.
Yes popadums before we even opened the menu – perf. We got two extra for free, obviously Dishy Delishy’s rep has preceded me. 

Great pickle selection. Last few Brick Lane trips I’ve been a bit disappointed as they sometimes water it all down – boo (but it was £8 a head you can’t complain)

Note to self: don’t let boy order, or you will end up with way too many onion bhajis. They were super good – really crispy as they were flattened. 

Curry time. A long week of salads has built up to this moment. Sharesies of course. A creamy chicken tikka masala (no points for creativity) with loads of meat and so much sauce. Great flavour and huge portion.  

Fluffy mushroom rice and pashwari naan for sides.


For the spice factor we went chicken jalfrezi. Pretty hot with chunky veggies and lots of meaty chick, again decent portion. More white rice to soak up the goodness.
So much food I needed a doggy bag, next day curry – winning. Although as I write this my sis is tucking in to the leftovers. Jeez, I’m a nice sister.

The Spice Inn was a surprising find, we’ll defo be back as it’s so local. But I imagine it would be popular for people visiting the Olympic Stadium just up the road. 

Great value, and although service was a tad on the slow side it was more than made up for by our waiter chasing us up the road with my forgotten doggy bag – ledge. 

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