The earliest breakfast @ Duck & Waffle

What better way to celebrate a birthday and end a night of parting with Major Lazer, than an impromptu breakfast at the legendary Duck & Waffle? They’re open 24 hours. Yep, round the clock fancy pants dining- only in London!

Naively, at 4am we expected to head straight in, apparently about 30 other people had the same idea so we had to queue. Boo. 20 patient and cold mins later we shot up to the 40th floor and intended on enjoying every last moment before we fell asleep.

Kir Royal champs ordered, we decide on the food. It was a shorter late night menu- but as long as their signature dish was on there i was happy. Hurrah, it was. Get scrolling, it’s a good’un.

I think we’re looking pretty good for 4.30am. Bottoms up!

Posing time for me and Lyd, the birthday girl. Views over the city were incred, and the atmosphere was buzzing. Not surprising at the witching hour there was lots of chat from table to table. We seemed to be getting heckled from some nearby boys. Although I think we started it.

Anyway, more importantly the time had come to behold the most Instagrammed dish (obvs i grammed too) – the Duck and waffle.

A crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, huge fluffy waffle served with mustard maple syrup. An odd combination but it all worked so well. It was a beauty. It tasted delicious. I didn’t want it to end.

Rach went for the Columbian eggs, on toast with avocado and grilled chorizzo. It looked pretty special, although Rach did have an insightful critique, to quote ‘the toast was too thin and hard’. I think she was upset the full English had finished.

Lyd and Haily also went for the eggs with no toppings. Don’t forget the ketchup…


Syrup poured, time to dig in. This is literally the king of breakfasts. The table fell silent for all of 5 mins while we savoured the goodness.

Our plates were whisked away and a bottle of champs turned up from the city boys on the next table. As much as I hate being schmoozed it would be rude to turn it down. Could we seriously drink any more? Somehow our table was now party central, as we got a second wind. Good bantz from our new found friends.

Despite being ‘that’ table, the staff still sent over a birthday gesture for Lyd with the whole restaurant erupting into happy birthday- check the girls face in the background. Also, Rach found this candle HILARIOUS.


Luckily, as we were so sleepy/drunken by this point the bill was a blur- (this place ain’t cheap). We tapped our credit cards and off we skipped to bed, reminiscing our epic night as the sun came up.

This is a super cool thing to do at least once. The food was top notch, with relaxed professional staff and awesome sky high views. Happy days/nights.

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