Happy chicks @ Bird Islington 

So Ranveig got the job, Kiran’s back from the North and Lou was happy Scotland were still in the rugby… time to celebrate. Pass that bloody prosecco! The meet was The Lamb, a cool boozer on Holloway Road to stock up on the fizz.

Two bottles later we headed over to BIRD near Highbury station for a serious chicken feast. This has been on my list for a while and with payday still a week away everyone was on board for a budget dins. Trendy free range chic, every which way- yes!

Bird islington

No booking policy, but lucky for us we rocked up around 9.30 with no queue. A quick pit stop at the bar to order these delish cocktails and we had our booth. Cool place, quite fast foody looking with tables FULL of food.

Watermelon soju cocktail

A watermelon soju and two dirtybirds…

Token white for the other gals (beer jackets literally still on at this point)

Right, time to order. Wings first up, there were so many types of glaze and sauce it was tough to narrow it down- i went for soy and honey. Oh my god they were amazing, super sweet and sticky. Good portion in a iron dish.

Bird Islington wings

For main I went for the classic fried chicken burger, topped with spicy slaw and pickles on a soft brioche bun. Lou also joined me with the same choice. Great minds. We agreed it was heavenly.

Bird Islington classic chicken burger

Loads of sides to choose from, too many to decide. So naturally we went for ALL of them. This is why I love my friends. These were deep fried pickles with blue cheese sauce…

deep fried pickles with blue cheese sauce

Kiran kept it simple with two chic pieces, the crispy skin is just to die for….we wont be needin’ the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices secret after all.

classic two peice at Bird Islington

More sides included the Korean cucumbers and house slaw. Yum, but fairly small portions for the price.

Korean cucumbers at Bird Islington

Ranveig kept it meat free with the beets burger, a deep fried beetroot pattie, fresh guac, feta, chilli slaw and mayo. Sounds pretty sweet huh? Cheesy Korean fries for sharesies.

Beets burger

Rose, my hero, picked the fried chicken, waffles and syrup- a girl after my own heart, with a pea sized stomach, so I offered to help finish this for her. I’m nice like that.

Chicken and waffles Bird

We were super stuffed, but i couldn’t leave without trying their signature freshly glazed donuts. They’re made fresh on site and tasted like fluffy clouds of gorgeousness.

Bird donut

Fab thrifty night at Bird- fairly quick in and out job, with tasty food, at a decent price, in a bustling joint. I will defo be returning with the boy to try more wings and glazes.

FYI foodies, I’ve heard there’s a BIRD opening in Camden next month with a 50% off soft launch- see you in the queue!

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