Tasty Thai Fusion at Champor- Champor, London Bridge

This is a better late than never post as I’ve been super busy with work and boy breaking his leg (sigh), but Champor- Champor had to feature on Dishy Delishy.

As a foodie keeno I’m always on the look out for cool, fairly cheap, but very cheerful hot spots about town. A few weeks ago I met Rach for Thai (one of my fave types of food) down London Bridge way. Great value on Tastecard and also lots of deals on Bookatable.

Literally in the shadow of The Shard, you’ll find this cute, really authentic looking place. Think weird and wonderful artefacts on the walls, rough fabric napkins and Buddha’s. Lots of Buddha’s.

We started with the obligatory bottle of vino, which was followed by an odd gift from the kitchen. Sweetcorn fried balls with sweet onion chutney, which was really tasty (it’s not surprising I like deep fried stuff) and banana bread and oils. The bread was sweet, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it- but we had a few bites to not be rude.

Thai Banana bread

So for starters, being the greedy pigs we are, we chose three. Three amazing starters, (i’m pretty good at ordering) for sure the best part of the meal.

Goats cheese parcels, which actually came out as spring rolls. The strong cheese was packed in these crispy bad boys. Only managed one as they were so strong.

Goats cheese parcels

Soft shell crabs, salty, moist and crispy- the dream.

Soft shell crab

Finally, duck rotis smothered in hoi sin sauce. Look at the size of them! Easily a main portion, but we tidied them away anyway.

Duck roti

Now this place is known for its Thai- Malay fusion cuisine, which basically means you ain’t getting no normal curry. We ordered a prawn curry for jokes. So this gorgeous plate appeared, everything I could want and more. Two gigantic open shelled prawns on a bed of butternut squash and spicy green curry sauce. I just wish we had more sauce, it was sooo good.

Thai prawn curry

Keep em comin’… sirloin beef in a sizzling hot plate, (which could of done with a little more sizzle) was super tender, just look at the juices flowing. YUMMO.

At the table, the waitress lashed on the black beany tasty sauce all over the beef…

Against the waiter’s advice we ordered more sides, (he obvs didn’t realise the fatties that we are) a traditional pad Thai and sticky rice. I LOVE noodles, and this didn’t disappoint. Not to bad-mouth other establishments, (but i will)  Banana Leaf have yet to master the art of a good pad Thai- it was awful- this was amazing. Great nutty, saucy noodles and not shy on the bean sprouts- lush.

Table of champions right there.

No room for desserts- i know, WTF.

Champor was a great find, the soft shell crab and crazy prawn curry were my highlights.

The delightful bunch even gave me a doggy bag for the scraps left. Boy was very happy when I got home.

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