Cool vibes and yummy slides @ STK London

Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited to STK to sample their new London Restaurant festival menu – whoop! Trendy steakhouse, drinkies and a catch up with one of my Bessies. I’m there.

Some unexpected sun called for pre drinks at Radio Bar, up on the roof – sweet views with amazing cocktails.

When I met Rach she was pretty parched after working hard shopping all afternoon (part timer) so we spied some lush looking G&Ts on a nearby table and copied.

Service was pretty slow, at one point I thought Rach was gonna jump over the bar herself. But look at her happy little face when she finally got her mini fish bowl of raspberry gin….

radio bar
radio bar gnt
gin and tonic

So the Bookatable set menu is three courses with a glass of prosecco; cue sexy pic of our gorge table and flashy flutes. I had the fancy work cam 😉

This is a cool place, I mean super cool, there’s a frickin’ DJ spinning tunes while you eat. I think I was underdressed, my rock chic T didn’t cut it but who cares? I’m here for some serious food.


First up, a huge sticky sweet bread loaf with melty blue cheese all dripping down the sides- oh my god- get in my face.

Brioche blue cheesey bread

For starters Rach went for king prawns on a bed of slaw with a tangy lime mayo. They were covered in a coconut breadcrumbs, making them super crispy. Quite a small portion, but we still had half that huge bread loaf left to work through.

Coconut crumbled prawns

For me, a little odd but they had sliders to start, so obvs I had to go for any kind of burger option. You got two very cute mini (still a good few mouthfuls) wagu beef sliders on an STK board. Loving the presentation. Nice burger sauce n melty cheese too.

Lil burger sliders

Wine time… red for me, white for Rach. At £10 a glass, not cheap but soo tasty. Oh is that your huge blingin’ diamond rock in the background Rach? Engagement/wedding chat now hot topic of convo.

red wine

Mains glorious mains.

Since I’ve eaten my body weight in red meat as of late, I went for the healthier (defs not healthier as its pan fried – d’oh!) crispy bass.

It was a huge portion, with hunks of pancetta, greens and gnocchi. This was my first taste of gnocchi ever, so quite excited. It was good, like soft baby potatoes crossed between doughy/pasta’ry balls.

Yep, hard to describe – just try it, I’m a fan.

Pancetta was a little too strong and salty, but went well with the white plain fish. Good dish, but I was major jel of what was next to me.

Crispy bass

Rach had the prime rump steak, with an unexpected guest. A soft shell crab sat guarding the meat, he was actually really nice, crispy and sea salty. Rach wasn’t a fan – so more for me!

It came with a BBQ sauce, but I think she would of preferred to choose her own sauce – oh well.

Also, annoyingly the mains don’t come with any sides. So we ordered extras….

Prime rump steak

Chunky truffle oil chips sprinkled with parmasan and mac n cheese. Chips were pretty standard but the mac n cheese was amazing, perfectly creamy inside and hard and crispy on the top.

Love the stringy cheese when you pull your fork full out. Messy and great.

mac n cheese

For puds we got the most fatty bum bum ones going. A lemon cheesecake with gingerbread crumb and raspberry sorbet on the side – just look at the creamy goodness…

lemon cheesecake

and a warm hot chocolate fondant with milk ice cream. Ooozy chocy goodness.

hot chocolate fondant

STK is where its happening, people.

By 9pm peeps were dancing in their seats, swigging from champ bottles – maybe a little pretentious, but that’s the vibe these kids are going for.

We rolled our jelly bellies over to the fancy sofas for more wine and to mingle with the cool kids. We clearly didn’t fit in as we were home tucked up in bed for 11pm. God damn you sleepy red wine. Party on!

London Restaurant Festival menu is up on Bookatable now.

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