Proper pub grub @ The Ship Tavern, Holborn

I love my job. Granted most days are pretty average, but some days I get to do this- review food with a lucky guest. So, killing two birds I dragged my pal Holly (well I think she was more than keen for a free dinner) down to The Ship Tavern in Holborn.
You couldn’t get more traditional English if you tried. Above an ale house was this super sweet, candle fest dining room. We got our own little booth and everything. Luckily the place was pretty quiet so i didn’t look a weirdo taking pics of the room. Like i care!

Gorge dining room
Wine poured, we got cracking on the menu. Naturally I was STARVING, so wanted everything, but we settled on some fishy delights to start.
Organic wine
I went for scallops that had sneaky pieces of smoked salmon wedged in-between. Just look how pretty this is. They slept on a pea purée and chilli oil bed. I wish I could afford these every day. 
Scallops with smoked salmon & pea purée

Hols went for a trio of mackerel- I tasted the crispy pan fried piece in the middle, it was super smokey, couldn’t manage much, this portion was perfect. Also top notch presentation.
Trio of mackerel 

Now, I don’t remember the last time I had beef Wellington, probably one Christmas years ago when my mum made it as a gigantic treat. I can’t say I’ve ever seen it on a London menu… until today. Who ever thought of steak, pate and pastry together is a genius!  
Beef Wellington 

Hols couldn’t decide, she gets in these weird craving moods and goes for something totally aloof- and today was the short rib. She’s tiny- this plate is humongous, meaning she’ll need help- perfect. The meat fell straight of the dinosaur bone that it obviously came from, leaving a pure chunk of smokey glazed meat on creamy mash and carrots. Mike would love this- too bad. It was gorgeous.

Short rib

I know what you’re thinking… Get back to the wellington, I wanna see inside! Well here you go. The perfectly medium cooked fillet, the creamy paté, the crunchy but soft pastry, the buttery mash, the jue (i cant even spell jooooouu) just everything about this plate of food was heaven. I almost couldn’t finish it. Almost.
The hiding fillet

So that little voice inside your head after your meal that says ‘Im full, but not quite finished’ means dessert, people. Don’t think, just order and worry later. Bring out the sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream. A pudding so soaked in treacle it’s black. Thank me later.
Sticky toffee

Holly couldn’t manage another bite, but that’s not good blogger etiquette, so forced her to get the Oreo homemade ice cream. This was basically just pure thick homemade cream, not ice cream, (we must of misread) with oreo base and jam topping. It all got a bit much so we shortly scarpered for some fresh air, and rolled off to the tube home.

Oreo Ice cream

Great evening, this place was the ultimate in comfort food and chillaxed surroundings. I’ll be back for the log fire in winter and a double portion of the Wellington. Must start running again!  

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