Keep Calm Afternoon Tea @ Hotel Café Royal London

My average Tuesday at Bookatable HQ took a turn for the best this week, I was invited along to help review Hotel Café Royal’s new afternoon tea offering. Whoop, my fave things, cake and champs in ridiculously fancy surroundings.

Cafe Royal Tea

It took place in the Oscar Wilde bar, a rather lavish, mirror-just gorgeous. It was glam and sexy- not like me after a day in the office I tell ya.

cafe royal champagne

As our Veuve Clicquot champagne was being poured we relaxed and pretended we def belong in a place like this. Next, tea. Now as an English breakfast gal it’s quite daunting, but after a recommendation from our lovely server I went for a light black tea with some floraly notes (tea lingo mastered).

Oscar Wilde room

The first course was swiftly brought out. It was impressive, three layers of carby unconventional, goodness. Included was beetroot bread with cream cheese and cucumber, tomato with a strong goats topped cheese muffin– with a squeezable tomato juice syringe- fun, a delish prawn Marie rose on soft brioche bun, salmon bellini’s with tiny quail egg, smoked wild boar cob (roll, to the rest of you non Notts folk) and the best chorizo sausage roll.

Cafe Royal sandwiches

They catered to Samirahs request, as she doesn’t eat pork they swapped for some yummy substitutes.

Cafe Royal keep calm tea

Cafe royal afternoon tea

The few crumbs that remained on the cake stand indicated two things; I’ve got to learn to stop inhaling food and relax, and two we are ready for the next course. A surprising palate cleanser appeared, a sweet cold fruit tea and crown biscuit– yummy, if only they added a shot of vodka, that could of spiced it up.

Cafe Royal keep calm afternoon tea

Since my trip to Cornwall with Mike, I’ve made my scones the Cornish way, jam then cream, some people prefer the Devonshire way, cream then jam- odd, but each to their own!

Warm, light and fluffy, a top class scone– they had plain or raisin, give me the fruity one any day. Toppings were fresh and plentiful, and the lemon curd was a great twist. We could only manage one each before our cake stand was soon returned with a vengeance.

Cafe Royal scones

The pics really don’t do this justice. It consisted of, *takes big breath*….Fresh and bouncy Viccy sponges, cake pops, how trendy, WITH edible keep calm paper, how can I keep calm! You can eat the paper!

Cafe royal cake stand

Alongside, huge strawberry ‘mind the gap’ jam macaroons, a pretty average batten-burg (sorry I’m not a marzipan fan) raspberry “Regent” with sweet cherry jelly and a choccy layery cakey thing. Wow sugar overload and I don’t regret one single bite.

cafe royal macarooncafe royal desserts

One more glass of champagne for the road, I forgot how good this stuff tastes, since the prosecco trend hit I’ve drank not much else, but wowzer it’s good.

Cafe Royal afternoon champagne tea

We had a lovely afternoon at the Hotel Royal café, very professional friendly service with a very unique afternoon tea menu, I can safely say it’s the best I’ve had. The attention to detail on each mouthful was pretty amazing, and I fell in love with the London theme– as well as the heavenly surroundings.

Don’t keep calm people, this quirky afternoon tea hit the spot! Game on for the competition!

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