Picture perfect dishes at Fine Nammet- Shanklin, Isle Of Wight

 It was the annual summer visit to the Isle, to celebrate a special birthday with some of my best people. Always my fave topic of conversation, do we have a reservation for Sat eve? If so, what, where, when, whooo ooo… I need details before I can relax, and start getting hungry!
After a tiresome day of crazy golfing and hot tubbing, we settled in at Fine Nemmet, a sweet modern British spot, expertly researched by Chris. Bottles of red and white flew out and we were in business. Our server, was a delight, she saw that baby Daisy was well looked after- despite being a fancy place nothing felt too much to ask.
After a quick perusal of the short but sweet menu, we tucked into the fresh bread. A little different to your standard bread basket, the mini loaves were sweet with salt spread- I can cope with change. Kind of, as long as it’s smothered in calorific butter.
Mini bread loaf
To start I had the scallops. Plural. There were 4 of these huge meaty bad boys, swimming in a creamy green pea pond of yummyness. They could have had more of the bacon flavour, but a twist of salt made them go down a treat.


Scallops & pea puree


There were a fair few who took a shine to the beetroot Salad . I’ve only ever known red beets, but these were yellow- it looked like summer on a plate. A little skimpy on the goats cheese, but I was told it was delightful all the same.

Beetroot salad
As the night got going the place filled up, a few got turned away as they were full, booking is essential for a Sat night people. Rookie mistake. More wine please.

Me & Chris
Mike waiting to tuck in…but first a pic!
Meanwhile, the chef had made baby Daisy her own bespoke meal. Chicken goujons and potatoes with veggies- it put any kids menu to shame. Needless to say a third ended up on the floor, but we still got a cheeky grin and a clapping hands, which I can safely say means good.
For mains, I tried to steer clear of the steak and go for something a little diff. The lamb came out, and although it was no page 3, the rack was perfectly sized and pretty in pink. It had a gorge herb crust, a red pepper puree and mixed fancy miniature veg. How do you grow those tiny carrots!? The meat was soft and juicy.  Sadly my potato fondant wasn’t the fluffy kind, and as I eyeballed mikes chips I requested some of those. Piglet, I know, right! (The kind waitress gave me them at no charge- sweet) By no means a cheap dish at £27, I could stomach it knowing he was a local lamb from a farm round the corner, and my veg was freshly picked that morning- take that tesco!
Herb crust lamb rack
Typically, most of the men went for the man meat, a nice hunk of Sirloin Steak, triple Cooked Chips, vine toms, shrooms, with butter. Little chat from them during chow time= happy chappies.


Sirloin steak
Also around the table, pork tenderloin, hock Fritter, cauliflower Puree. Praise all round.
Pork tenerloin
Then horror struck, Chris’s Eton Mess came out (as you would expect for fine dining) as a, well ordered, pretty tidy, Eton neat.  He made his peace and tucked in anyway, wasting no time pouring the Chantilly cream. Some-things are meant to be messy- ah well- CHEESE!
Eton ‘mess’
Never one to shy away from a share’sies, me & Mike tucked in to a IOW cheesy special board- Blue, Soft & Gallybagger  served with water biscuits & controversial chutneys. Top marks on presentation, not so much for the fried, sticky, slithery onions alongside. I wonder if i know anyone who makes great chutney…hmmm.

Cheese board


Honeycomb & chocolate Ice cream
Next, indulgent honeycomb & chocolate Ice cream served in a brandy basket, served with a wafer spoon- again, fab bake off inspired presentation!


Getting stuck in
Cherry soup


CP Crew

Lovely evening spent at Fine Nammet, and whilst we struggled to remember the name, we certainly didnt forget the food! Worth a visit if you’re on the Isle and fancy splashing some cash. Service was super friendly and food, perfection.

We gobbled the chilli chocs served with the bill and headed back for what was to be the worst moment of my life, handing my crazy golf trophy over to Chris. I’m glad I had that second large vino!

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