Hot Dogs that strike a chord @ The Piano Works

Date nights in London are always tricky. The classic dinner and drinks tend to be a bit samey. So when I came across The Piano Works, a brand new duelling piano bar in Farringdon, I booked it straight up.

I’d been to piano bars in the States before, but as far as I’m aware they don’t really exist here in the UK – until now, of course.

The best I’ve been to is The Bar at Times Sq in Las Vegas’ NY NY hotel – the performers are singers, musicians, comedians and general party people rolled into one. Best night ever – the Jell-O shots helped!

But any piano bar I’ve ever been to in America has been mega fun, so it’s crazy how long it’s taken for us to get one here.


For anyone that doesn’t know – It’s basically two pianos facing each other, with the audience surrounding them calling the shots on what they play.

So the bar was set. High. After telling Mike to meet me in Farringdon for our surprise date, we headed for an old warehouse basement. Staff were super friendly and the place was brand spanking.


Great seats, great crowd and pianists were already kicking off with Taylor Swift Shake it off as we ordered cocktails! Perf!


Great cocktail list at £8 a piece, not too bad. French Martini for me, classic Mojito for Mike. Yum! Also a cheeky bottle of bubbles.

Now for some food. Wasn’t really expecting much as it was the entertainment we mainly came for.

To start, a charcuterie board. Lush meats, olives, blue cheese and crostini bread (£15). Very fresh and tasty, although could have done with more bread. The thick cut ham was a nice bonus. Not bad value and a nice sharer to pick at whilst guzzling and singing!


We requested some tunes…. And threw in a few quid tip. Pianists were on great form – fab singing and cool songs being rocked out. Later on a guitarist, trumpet and drummer also took to the stage.

Mains: although I was shocked to not find a normal beef burger I went for the Steak burger – thinly sliced beef on a soft bun, melt in the mouth, amazing.


The hot dog, even better. A proper German style sausage with onions. Rivals the Xmas market and Berlin dogs I’ve had, really meaty and slightly charred. Both served with perfect skin on salty fries (and some weird pickles). Hit the right key with us 😉


Standard espresso martini to finish.


We left around 11, most were dancing about and singing along, and despite my Spice Girl request not being played we had a great night!

My one critique, the guys on stage needed a little more chat in between songs, more audience interaction and general bantz as they’ve mastered over in Vegas.

I would def recommend The Piano Works for a cool and alternative night out, and the food was surprising good – get the dog you won’t regret it.

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